Affyn’s FYN Gathers Attention After Successful Fundraise

Singapore-based Affyn has recently unveiled its Metaverse project, which comes packed with utilities and an immersive gaming experience thanks to their augmented reality and geo-locational blend powering it.

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It is a free-to-play and a play-to-earn (P2E) mobile game and is that brings together the virtual and the real worlds, enabling gamers to play, explore, and participate.

Moreover, Affyn is rethinking and redesigning the Metaverse gaming space in its own way by making its characters transferrable within its own “NEXUS” metaverse and in other gaming metaverses.

So, if the players wish, they can even transfer their characters to games of separate genres as well. Affyn has given players complete ownership over their in-game characters aka “buddies.”

FYN Token

Affyn’s community-driven endeavors towards empowering players through allowing complete asset ownership is complemented by its native FYN token.

Players can use the FYN token as an in-game currency to purchase or lease properties, buy, sell, trade NFTs, and participate in events. 

Additionally, in the real world, the FYN tokens can be used to pay for travel, retail, and lifestyle products and can be converted by the owners into fiat currency for their own requirements.

Basically, the FYN token is designed to provide cross-world token utility, and as a result of offering immense value in both the virtual and the real world, it creates a closed-loop economy, further broadening its advantageousness. 

Offering countless such benefits, the FYN token has become the fourth most visited and third most searched token within just two weeks of making its exchange listing debut.

It has surpassed even the crypto giant Bitcoin in terms of the most searched token, evoking a heartwarming sense of pride and fulfillment in the Founder and CEO of Affyn, Lucaz Lee.

He credited the efforts of his team and the immense support of the entire gaming community for recognizing and appreciating the potential of this rewarding and sustainable gaming ecosystem built by Affyn.