Algorand Makes It Rain At ETHDenver

Algoranch moved to the Ethereum’s MainStage on Thursday night and the result is $20 million USD worth of grants. 

Algorand’s recently appointed CEO Staci Warden announced a pair of 10 million dollar grants while speaking at the ETHDenver main stage Thursday night. The grants specifically are targeted to Ethereum developers.

Warden began her talk by asking the crowd, “how we can do better intergalactic travel… between the two planets?” The answer — and I’m paraphrasing only slightly here — is bribing the guests in attendance.

10 million is going to developer tool grants, and the other 10 million is going to ALGO/ETH bridge developers.

Technically, the latter announcement was spoiled by Algorand’s official Twitter account. “Seriously, I got scooped on my #ETHDenver2022 keynote by the @AlgoFoundation itself?? This is so wrong. I hope they didn’t find out about the other one,” Warden said via Twitter.

According to the release put out by Algorand, the EVM compatibility grant will enable, “innovators looking to leverage Algorand’s high performance, sustainable and cost effective blockchain but are already accustomed to building on EVM.”

The other 10 million is dedicated to developer tools that “we don’t have.” According to Warden, Algorand is in need of basics — like debuggers and compilers — and is turning to Ethereum’s large developer base.

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