Ambire’s ‘Smart Wallet’ Series Launches To Engage Users on Web3 Asset Management

“Smart Wallet” series, developed by Ambire, a Blockchain and Web3 innovation community, has fully launched on Twitter Space to educate and engage crypto users on the smart wallet systems and their role in the future of crypto. The series is hosted by finance journalist Megan DeMatteo and will be live on Twitter Spaces every Wednesday at 5 PM UTC, aiming to educate the audience on smart wallets and their leadership capabilities as versatile instruments for navigating EVM networks on Web3.

The debut session gave an in-depth introduction to smart wallets, focusing on the ecosystem, the advantages of smart wallets in the Blockchain space, and a lowdown on the Ambire Wallet, Ambire’s premiere crypto asset management platform.

According to the Ambire team statement, the series will be curated by DeMatteo, with one team member from Ambire and an external guest in the crypto space joining her for a discussion. The session will then be open to the audience, with a dedicated Q&A segment, where the audience can share their thoughts, engage with the guests, and ask questions on the relevant topics discussed in the session.

Launched in 2017, Ambire has developed several solutions in the Web3 and Blockchain space, including the Ambire AdEX and its privacy-focused DeFi crypto wallet, the Ambire Wallet. The Ambire wallet leverages a smart wallet system to offer new-generation asset management systems and reduce transaction fees for its users. The “Smart Wallet” series will further educate the audience on the advantages of these systems as Web3 asset management tools and the particular benefits that Ambire Wallet offers.

Expected to go live this Wednesday at 5 PM UTC, the second episode will focus on the multichain perspective of the future crypto ecosystem and how this impacts the investors’ asset management capabilities. Debating different angles, pros, and cons, DeMatteo will moderate a discussion between two crypto veterans with solid development backgrounds: Arth Patel, Head Of Engineering at Socket (formerly Movr), and Ivo Georgiev, Co-founder, and CEO at Ambire. 

Finally, the Ambire ‘Smart Wallet’ series will feature more guests and a wider array of Web3 topics in the coming future, the statement reads. Topics such as security, privacy, wallet hygiene, the future of smart wallets, the DeFi ecosystem, and the sustainability of smart wallers. The series is poised to run weekly on Twitter Spaces all the way through September, and the audience can join via the Ambire Wallet Twitter page.