Amun Introduces SOLI, Solana Ecosystem Index

SOLI is a low-cost, automated, and easy method for investors to obtain exposure to the native apps produced in Solana’s ever-expanding ecosystem, launched on StarLaunch on February 8th and tradable on Raydium since February 9th.


What is SOLI? 

The Solana Ecosystem Index, or SOLI, is Amun’s first index token meant to measure the success of Solana’s leading initiatives. Its goal is to give investors a simple and low-cost option to participate in Solana’s thriving and expanding ecosystem.

The top tokens in the Solana ecosystem make up Amun’s Solana Ecosystem Index (SOLI), which can have up to ten elements. SOLI, which is made up of 33% mSol, provides holders with an alternative to only owning Sol by providing them with a token that develops with the ecosystem while also earning income from the staked Marinade Sol.

SOLI’s starting composition begins with the following projects:



On a monthly basis, constituents are rebalanced and included in the index if they match Amun’s inclusion requirements. Tokens must be 1) Solana native projects to be listed in the index. 2) increasing organic market cap and liquidity adoption 3) Raydium-listed with a single pool liquidity of above $3 million. After allocating 33% of the index to mSol, the allocation proportion for each constituent is determined using a weighted average ratio of market capitalization to DEX liquidity. Solana native projects, according to Amun, have a majority of their TVL on Solana.

Details Information

Name: Solana Ecosystem Index (SOLI)

Inception date: February 4th, 2022

Address: 8JnNWJ46yfdq8sKgT1Lk4G7VWkAA8Rhh7LhqgJ6WY41G

Number of Holdings: 5

Rebalance Dates: 1st of each month for token addition, removal, and weight rebalance.

Fee: 1.5% annually starting 2023

Native Minting/ Burning

SOL or USDC is traded for SOLI when SOLI tokens are produced natively on Solana, and all transactions take place on the Solana network. 


About Amun

Amun DeFi is a set of tools for passive investing and portfolio management that can be used on any of the major DeFi platforms. They create indexes that provide investors a wide view of certain blockchain ecosystems and DeFi industries. Amun DeFi is compatible with a variety of common protocols, representing tens of billions of dollars in total locked value (TVL). Amun DeFi makes it simple to monitor and engage with a user’s holdings on one safe, easy-to-use platform, from acquiring major cryptocurrencies fast and easily to switching between popular ERC-20 tokens.

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