Ankr Launches Custom Blockchain Tool Aimed At Mainstream Adoption

Ankr’s latest release App Chains-as-a-Service aims to make it easier for developers to come into the crypto space. 


  • Ankr Launches App Chains-as-a-Service

Ankr Launches App Chains-as-a-Service

Web3 infrastructure provider Ankr announced today that it’s releasing App Chains-as-a-Service, a blockchain development tool aimed at spurring development in crypto. Ankr is known best for simplifying running a node for crypto users with its “one click node” offering.

Ankr’s latest offering continues simplifying things for users. App Chains gives plug-and-play tools for building customizable blockchains. Developers will be able to choose their own consensus mechanism or programming language.

It’s clear to us that App Chains is going to be one of the dominant industry solutions to scalability. So we packaged all of Ankr’s best products together to help companies make them, fast, simple, and secured by Ankr’s industry leading technology,” said Greg Gopman, CMO at Ankr.


The product is aimed at existing web3 projects, as well web2 companies looking to migrate or integrate web3 tech into their business.

Using App Chains, developers will build their personalized blockchains on sidechain frameworks like Avalanche Subnets, Polygon Edge, and BNB. Building on these sidechains ensures maximum scalability thanks to transaction speeds and low gas fees built into the protocols.

To learn more about App Chains-as-a-Service, click here. 

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