Announcing Official KyteOne ($KTE) Token UI with Vesting Dashboard

Kyte.One is happy to announce the launch of the $KTE Token UI. They envision the slick new UI to be a single place from where you can know all things KTE.

For now, the $KTE UI has

  1. An information dashboard with links to important portals & documents
  2. A vesting dashboard for all our seed, early, private and public investors.

Note: For public investors, this dashboard will only work if you had participated through StarTerra.

$KTE Information Dashboard

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A slick $KTE dashboard which will have a LOT more things coming in the near future

$KTE Vesting Dashboard

Using the $KTE Token Vesting dashboard, investors can claim their vested tokens and see their past claims. Very soon this dashboard will also list your future and upcoming claims giving all investors a clear picture on how their token claims would be available.

1. You can connect your wallet and see your vesting schedules:

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2. You’ll get to know all transactions for your claims, and upfront releases:

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3. Finally, when the token is available you can easily claim it from the UI here:

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You can visit the Token UI on the following links:

  1. Avalanche C Chain:
  2. Binance Smart Chain:

For More Information





Email: [email protected]




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