Apparently, Cardano Doesn’t Have A Working DEX Yet

It’s a slow news day, so we are covering the latest bit of Cardano-adjacent drama.


  • Hoskinson v. Neuner
  • Crypto Drama

Hoskinson v. Neuner

Crypto drama grows on trees. Thank god. This time YouTuber extraordinaire Ran Neuner decided to shoot his shot at Charles Hoskinson.

During his YouTube show, Neuner said that Cardano doesn’t having a working DEX yet. This got back to Charles Hoskinson, and obviously, Charles Hoskinson did as Charles Hoskinson does, and responded.

Neuner replied, “Hey @IOHK_Charles as I said in the video , I am a huge fan and also hold $ADA but, which DEX can actually do fast transactions today with reasonable volume… and please don’t say @SundaeSwap!” When pressed by Hoskinson for what exactly constitutes a working DEX, Neuner failed to provide qualifications.

Hoskinson’s reply guys provided some evidence that Cardano Dexs are working just fine.

Crypto Drama As Tumbleweeds Form

There’s no shortage of drama in the crypto world. And, Charles Hoskinson is probably at the very most six degrees removed from any of it. This time around though, it’s a little SUS that Cardano got added to the chat.

Especially, since it’s been real slow lately in the crypto world. Case in point: stories about companies investing 500k in some NFT thing have been up for consideration as postable news pieces. Knowing how the sausage made makes me think Crypto Ran knew exactly what he was doing. Especially considering, as he notes he’s a Cardano investor who’s in it for the long haul.

To that, I say thank you. You gave me something to write today.

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