Attack Wagon’s New Website Launch Comes With 150k $ATK Worth of Prizes And Their Upcoming Land Sale

Attack Wagon is a blockchain gaming studio that became popular due to its “Free to play” and “Play to earn” gaming approach. It solves one of the major crypto gaming problems: the paywall on items that restrict players from playing a game unless they pay to remove it. Apart from that, players can also play and earn money across different games owned by the studio.

Attack Wagon announced its new website will go live this Friday, 18th of  February. After the launching of the website, there would be a lot of contests, giving every new invitee a wonderful location to go to learn more about the company, $ATK, and the future of Free-to-Play/Play-to-Earn gaming. There would be over 150k $ATK worth of prizes to win. The good news didn’t stop at that. Attack Wagon also announced their land sale, which would be live by the end of March. The land sale is going to contain 3 land plot types.

Pieces of Aetharvale scattered around the Vale system would be the first of four land sales contributing to constructing a quarter of the station. Like other land plots in blockchain games, these plots are NFTs that generate money. These Land NFTs generate profit from EVERY Attack Wagon Game ever produced.

The land plots are part of the fees collected in all Attack Wagon Games. What exactly does this imply? It implies that a portion of the fees produced from each marketplace transaction is distributed to each plot. The amount of the fee you receive is proportional to how much land you own. Why is this interesting? It’s interesting because most blockchain games offer NFT that generates money for a limited time, but Attack Wagon offers Land NFTs that represent every game they create. Whitelisting for Land sales starts this Friday, at site launch.

There are three main types of land plots available: Common, Grand, and Iconic Land Plots. Here’s a summary of what each of the land types provides.

Common Plots — There are 6,975 plots available.

According to the team, the marketplace will distribute 40% of the aggregate fees earned across common plots. If you own a Common Plot, your daily limit for earning $ATK in the game is increased by 15% in addition to earning a marketplace fee.

Grand Plots — There are a total of 1,000 Grand Plots available.

The fees earned through the marketplace will be shared 40 percent between the grand plots. Grand Plots will also be able to vote in future Attack Wagon Games. If you own a Grand Plot, your daily limit for earning $ATK in the game is increased by 25% in addition to earning a marketplace fee.

Iconic Plots – There are 30 iconic plots to choose from. The iconic plots will share 20% of the total fees received by the marketplace.

Every Iconic Plot Owner has the option of submitting a logo for their plot’s Banner, which will be immortalized on the station’s surface together with their voting rights for Attack Wagon future Games, a customized in-game NFT created just for the Iconic Land Owners in each game. Apart from earning a marketplace fee, your daily limit for earning $ATK in-game is boosted 100% by owning an Iconic Plot.

If you are holding $ATK, it’s time to put your tokens to work! $ATK is the only token used to pay for the land. This allows $ATK to be put to good use before the game is released. You might be wondering what happens to all the $ATK once you buy the land. That is the most interesting part. Attack Wagon will not keep any of the $ATK. A quarter of it will be burned, while the remaining will be used to fill the gaming ecosystem. Doing this would make them commit to the “free to play” concept, which is one of their missions.

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