Avalanche Faucet: Get Testnet Tokens for Avalanche and Subnets in 1 Place

Say hello to the new Avalanche Faucet: https://faucet.avax.network

Get testnet AVAX tokens for Fuji Network or a Subnet (WAGMI, Defi Kingdoms, Dexalot.com, Swimmer Network, Castle Crush) in 1️⃣ spot.

Subnetoooooor? Integrate your new Subnet in 15 lines.

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1/ It is an open secret that Ava Lab is working on the ultimate “Subnet Starter Pack”.

To summarize the last few months.

subnet-evm ➡️ subnet-cli ➡️ Subnet API ➡️ Subnet Explorer ➡️ 🔮

2/ Today, we welcome the next developer tool to the Subnet Starter Pack: the Avalanche Faucet.

Gone are the days of spinning up your own website, wallet server, reCaptcha account, and rate limiting just to let folks try out your testnet Subnet!

3/ To add your Subnet to the Avalanche Faucet, all you need to do is:

A) Create a PR with an API, Explorer, and some configs (~15 lines): https://github.com/ava-labs/avalanche-faucet/blob/main/config.json

B) Send some native tokens to the faucet address (same for all Subnets): 0x2352D20fC81225c8ECD8f6FaA1B37F24FEd450c9


4/ If you want to link to your Subnet faucet on another website, you can add `?subnet=XXX` to the URL and it will automagically switch to the network:

* https://faucet.avax.network/?subnet=wagmi * https://faucet.avax.network/?subnet=dfk * https://faucet.avax.network/?subnet=dexalot * https://faucet.avax.network/?subnet=swimmer * https://faucet.avax.network/?subnet=castlecrush

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5/ To make it easier for new users to get started (that may not know about the faucet or your Subnet yet), we’ve also added a new faucet button on all testnet Subnet Explorers: https://subnets.avax.network/wagmi/wagmi-chain-testnet/explorer

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6/ If you find any 🐛 🐜 🐞 (this is brand new code 😉) or want to add new features make a PR: https://github.com/ava-labs/avalanche-faucet


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