Avalanche Foundation Makes a Strategic Investment in Yeti Finance to Unlock Billions in New Liquidity

Yeti Finance is excited to announce Avalanche Foundation’s strategic investment in Yeti Finance, a cutting edge, Avalanche native decentralized borrowing protocol.

Since emerging out of stealth last October, Yeti Finance has been making waves as one of the most anticipated protocols in DeFi.

Yeti Finance’s innovative and securely audited borrowing architecture allows users to borrow up to 21x against their portfolio of LP tokens, staked assets such as sJOE and sAVAX, and yield-bearing stablecoins for 0% interest.

Yeti Finance offers cross-margining across all collaterals and auto-compounds farming yields on deposited assets. Borrowers on Yeti Finance mint YUSD, a hard-pegged and fully decentralized stablecoin.

Yeti Finance is a quantum leap forward in the borrowing landscape and is unlocking billions of dollars in new liquidity on Avalanche through much greater capital efficiency, and enabling users to borrow against previously un-collateralizable assets.

The Yeti Finance team holds an impressive mix of experiences within crypto and outside of it. On the crypto side, Yeti Finance team members have spent time at leading Ethereum DeFi protocols, run their own MEV operations, and worked in smart contract auditing and the NFT entertainment space.

Outside crypto, team members have worked at traditional tech companies such as Google and leading Silicon Valley tech startups.

The team at Yeti Finance has already steered the protocol to remarkable heights surpassing $830M TVL within 6 day of launch and developing partnerships and integrations with influential Avalanche protocols like: Trader Joe, BENQI, Curve, and Colony Lab.

Yeti Finance has an ambitious roadmap and will continue integrating with major DeFi protocols on Avalanche such as: Aave, Anchor, Platypus, and GMX, while introducing new features such as one-click leverage and de-leverage and yield strategies.

The Avalanche Foundation investment solidifies Avalanche’s trust and support for Yeti Finance. Avalanche will continue to provide strategic guidance, advice, and assist Yeti Finance in its goal of becoming DeFi’s leading borrowing protocol.

About Yeti Finance

Yeti Finance is a next-gen decentralized borrowing protocol built on Avalanche. This innovative protocol enables users to borrow up to 21x against their entire portfolio for a 0% interest fee, while continuing to earn farming rewards for deposited assets.

Unlock deep liquidity, borrow at the lowest collateral ratios, and borrow against your entire portfolio to gain better protection against liquidations.

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Source: https://blog.yetifinance.co/avalanche-foundation-makes-a-strategic-investment-in-yeti-finance-to-unlock-billions-in-new-8044647591f7

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