Avaxholic X Futurent.io AMA Recap

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Avaxholic:  I am Ray from Avaxholic, will be the host of today’s AMA. And we’re honored to welcome our guests today: @alenscorpio from Futurent!!! 😉

ALΞN D | Futurent.io: Hey Ray and the Avaxholic fam, pleasure to be here with you today 😊 Hopefully you are all doing well and I`ll try to make a bit dynamic with some exciting information about Futurent!

Avaxholic: Perfect. Very pleased to have an AMA with you and your project Futurent!

ALΞN D | Futurent.io: Appreciate it and thanks for having me 🙏

Avaxholic: I think the Avaxholic community are also quite excited to hear from you.

OK. Before we start, could you please introduce your team and Futurent to the AVAX community?

ALΞN D | Futurent.io: Of course, you already know my name and I`m the company’s founder and the team’s manager that`s working on Futurent.

My background is from the traditional market; for ten years, I owned a digital agency, where we provided complete support to numerous start-ups in the areas of business strategy, designs, development, marketing campaigns, etc. Due to numerous projects that were delayed, payments that were past due, and other problems during the Covid crisis, we ultimately decided to move on with our own project. We had a lot of ideas over the years. While discussing several opportunities, we discovered that the majority of our staff were already heavily involved in the cryptocurrency space.

Our next move then became obvious.

One of my closest business associates became engaged right away after hearing some of our ideas, and since he runs one of the major construction/real estate firms in the area, the fundamentals were set. Soon after, we established a core team, and at this point, the project is being worked on by more than ten people.

Futurent in one sentence ( ok three it is) 😊

Futurent delivers Web3 investment platform for Fractionalized NFT Real Estate & Metaverse properties in a form of Semi DAO governance model, as one of the pioneers in the field, also offering listing & rental marketplace of various luxury assets. We like to say that Futurent is where DeFi meets the real-world assets, while connecting to the Metaverse. Futurent provides safe (and stable) passive income of up to 90% APR through revenue sharing alone.

Avaxholic: It’s great to see you and your guys moving on in the crisis, and end up building in this potential market ❤️

ALΞN D | Futurent.io: We actually see much more opportunities than setbacks and we are ready to take advantage of them 😎

Avaxholic: Yep, we really like how you combine the traditional sector with the new technology. What a move!

ALΞN D | Futurent.io: Thanks, always good to hear that, since we believe that is the only move for the upcoming mass adoption.

Avaxholic: Nice to hear that! OK, no need to wait more. we’ll start the 1st section right now!

1. What are the functions of the FUTR token? How can Futurent capture the value for FUTR token?

ALΞN D | Futurent.io: Good question, given that the platform also includes a wide range of sub-products, our native token $FUTR is accompanied by a wide range of utilities. Regarding our primary feature, NFT Bricks, tokens will be used to acquire NFT Bricks with lower costs, and token holders will benefit from early-bird access and larger allocation sizes on specific properties. Additionally, $FUTR can be staked, and all participants will share in a portion of the platform costs as well as various exclusive prizes and airdrops.

The token will also be used for revenue claims and will grant access to a completely transparent portal with an advanced dashboard. These features are supported by a number of different protocols to guarantee the most secure investment opportunities with the highest APY and highest level of transparency.

We cannot, of course, guarantee any certain token value, but as you become more immersed in our ecosystem, you’ll quickly see all the advantages and the degree of income optimization that comes with owning $FUTR token. We will continuously teach the community how to utilize them effectively without using any aggressive tactics, and the volume will increase on its own. There are a ton of new features on the way that will improve the utility model as well, but let’s save some for the next chance.

Avaxholic: Avaxholics, now you’ve known the major benefits of Futurent’s token. Of course token price is unpredictable, especially in this market condition.

But think longer, the fundamentals of a project, which leads to the demand to use its products and services, is eventually the most important thing. Right?

ALΞN D | Futurent.io: Definitely and our long-term vision is extremely wide and sharp if you check our roadmap. We are not getting any break for the next few years for sure, a lot of additional features are yet to be presented and released, adding additional boost to the token use.

2. As seen on your website’s introduction, the most notable feature of Futurent is NFT Bricks. Can you explain how it works? Any other features for user to earn?

ALΞN D | Futurent.io:

Right, Futurent is primarily a NFT Real Estate & Metaverse properties protocol, providing fractional investments for secured and stable passive income. We call the tokenization and fractionalization of the assets NFT Bricks, which is the main feature.

How does it works in 5 simple steps?

1.) Our legal entity purchases the Real Estate or Metaverse property

2.) Auditor (The “Big 4” partner) secure the asset (not allowing us to trade or mortgage it)

3.) Then we tokenize & fractionalize it into NFT Bricks (digital voucher), allowing to transfer economic rights

4.) NFT Bricks are offered on our platform and the economic rights are transferred instantly after the NFT Brick purchase, generating a passive income through the revenue share

5.) After owning and NFT Brick, user receives DAO vote on portfolio and can trade the NFT at anytime

This unique model makes investing in Real Estate & Metaverse properties as accessible as possible and it can be done with a few clicks from the comfort of your own home, starting from as low as $50. Protocol is backed by several mechanisms, to provide safety, security and transparency of the investments.

NFT Bricks booklet with simple explanation and study cases: https://futurent.io/futurent-nftbricks-final.pdf

It can`t get much more simple than that and our team is always open to help with any specific question around it. 😎

Avaxholic: Oh, it’s like, I can buy an NFT Brick and that means I’m owning a tiny piece of real estate, and can easily trade like with my loving NFTs. Right?

ALΞN D | Futurent.io: Exactly, economic right or digital ownership of the Real estate will be transferred immediately as the NFT Brick will land in a wallet. Those are always tradeable and we will even offer some buyback options for even higher liquidity of the investments.

Avaxholic: Nice, I love that buy-back thing.

But is that a mistake, you mentioned that investors can invest as low as $50? Cause I read on your website and it says $500.

ALΞN D | Futurent.io: Actually the $50 is right, our prior number was indeed five hundred, but we`ve recently release a major update on our materials.

3. Real estate is a sector relating to many legal documents and procedures, especially when it is combined with blockchain and cryptocurrency. How did you solve this problem?

ALΞN D | Futurent.io:

You are correct; legal compliance was actually our primary concern at first, which is fortunate considering it was the first thing to pay attention to. Since we were aware that starting from scratch would be difficult, we hired a fantastic legal team with plenty of expertise in this particular industry. You must be aware that there is no perfect solution, as we simulate and examine many other ones down the road.

Many of those have already been put into practice, but with the number of regulations that are currently being implemented worldwide, things could change very quickly. As a result, we concentrated on the EU (European union) and the MENA region, determined the best approach, and had already produced all the legal opinions required for our company strategy.

Simply put, it indicates that we are not using the NFT technology to transfer legal ownership but merely economic rights. Anyone should be able to understand it fast because you’ve already practiced transfer model in the prior response.

Our main goal is to follow and upgrade the model in the best way possible. Currently, we are exploring additional solutions in various regions in order to expand our portfolio as soon as possible after the launch. We are well aware that there will be a lot of different regulation adjustments, specific jurisdictions rules, etc. in the future.

Avaxholic: Okay, I see your team first concentrate in an area that have relatively similar culture and legal procedures. That’s a wise move!

And I can see your team is mostly from that region, so you must have a great network and understanding about the laws there.

ALΞN D | Futurent.io: You wouldn’t believe the differences even in those familiar countries, not to mention other continents – currently it’s basically impossible to even follow the regulations worldwide. That’s why we took a safe way and spread our portfolio step by step.

Most of the team is EU based, but the company’s headquarters are in Dubai (UAE) jurisdiction as one of our primary market. Although we are trying to involve legal experts from all over the globe, for the obvious reason mentioned above 🙂

Avaxholic: Oh I see, it’s not easy to administrate a complex project like this. But I really appreciate your work!

And I think all of Avaxholics now have understood how much effort you have put to build such a project like Futurent.

ALΞN D | Futurent.io: It was never tough, when you love what you are doing and you have a clear vision, it’s a pleasure to build 😊

Although the most recent market did “hurt us” a bit, on the other hand.

Avaxholic: Ya, keep calm and move on. That’s how we live.

Not making you wait long, the 4th question now!

4. We are really curious about your upcoming Metaverse properties feature. What’s special about this?

ALΞN D | Futurent.io: Given that we will apply the same concept to virtual attributes as well, the metaverse is the logical next step on the Futurent agenda. Since all the assets are already digital, it’s actually lot simpler to create and manage. To determine the optimal model for each partnered project, it requires a more individualized approach. Numerous Metaverse/Virtual Land initiatives have already been in touch with us, and we are searching for the best solutions available. We want to thoroughly consider every area before Futurent 2.0 is released in order to provide the best assistance for our partners and provide the finest offerings for our community.

There are, in our opinion, almost too many amazing Metaverse projects. We want to be there for the most promising teams and support them with all the added value our platform has to offer, including liquidity boost, additional exposure, additional features (fractional sales), co-marketing activities, etc. Saying that, I mean, many of them will “get lost,” and that would be a shame.

In addition, Futurent is working on a wholly original feature that we’ll call “Metapad.” Unfortunately, I am unable to go into too much detail at this time, but it will basically create a “bridge” for all the architects and creative builders between the real world and the Metaverse…

Mass adoption of the blockchain and “bridging” it with traditional markets are two of our main objectives. Due to the current (and anticipated) growth rate of the Metaverse, we believe there is a great opportunity to create one of the first (so-called) “launchpads” that is exclusively focused on Metaverse properties, allowing the traditional market to adopt it, making it easier for them to enter the Metaverse, and providing fantastic early-stage investment opportunities for our community.

Avaxholic: Well, the “Metapad”, this idea only comes from those who have deeply engaged in the construction area. And then finding Metaverse just like they’ve found a whole new land to discover.

ALΞN D | Futurent.io: Yeah, actually a lot of this people are already exploring the space due to our research, but everything`s seems too “complicated” too them. On the other hand, digitalizing their work is super fast and easy, so we want to fill this gap on the market, when the time is right 😊

Avaxholic: Nice to hear that.

5. Where is Futurent positioning itself among this sector, compared with other competitors (if any)? And what is your plan to reach/maintain a leading position in the next few years?

ALΞN D | Futurent.io: I was hoping for this one! To be really honest, given that we are sort of pioneering the space, this was actually a pretty challenging question. We had little competitors to align with and spent some time sort of drifting around in the market.

We could position ourselves in a variety of industries, but we would most like to see Futurent integrated into yield farming techniques. The most recent (unfortunate) events highlighted numerous vulnerabilities, and future events could make things even riskier.

On the other hand, we are able to offer APYs of up to 90% with all assets being fully backed and secured. We would love to explore any project in the yield farming sector that someone can think of, but we couldn’t even get close to these numbers. Although the project’s story prevents us from being totally decentralized, we do perceive ourselves as a strong part of the decentralized finance. We are also implementing a Semi-DAO Governance model, which will give some power to the owners of NFT Bricks too.

The tokenization protocol, the Metaverse component, and the most recent “innovation” named #RealYield are also included. As you can see, it is quite difficult to focus on just one sector but we don’t mind because our main objective is to give the most secure and profitable investments based on a dummy-proof strategy. Our advantage is unquestionably our incredible network and our knowledgeable team, who regularly have access to “off-market” offers and will always deliver the greatest opportunities.

The crew is also well seasoned in the traditional market, so we should do very well when the mass adoption comes in play. Futurent recognizes a significant role in this area, which is why we have already taken a number of steps to provide the finest services for all newcomers.

Avaxholic: I see your point. I think it’s okay to optimize and take advantage of all the resources you have.

…as long as we can thrive, and have a clear vision about where we are heading to.

ALΞN D | Futurent.io: Couldn’t agree more 👌

Avaxholic: Great, so Avaxholics, I guess you have just had a very deep dig down into the business model of Futurent, their challenges and the vision for mass adoption.

Thank you @alenscorpio, the CEO of Futurent, for being with us today and tell a captivating story!

ALΞN D | Futurent.io: Big thanks to your Ray and of course, all of the participants. Hopefully you enjoyed it and learned something appealing about Futurent. You are always welcome to join our community if you might have any additional questions. We would be happy to greet you there 😊

Thanks for having me and it was great sharing some thoughts with you today 😎


All information in the article is for reference only, this is not investment advice. Hopefully, the information that Avaxholic has gathered in the article will be useful to you.

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