BetaMars Exploitation Mechanism: Lords How to Gain Higher Revenue by Strategy

Exploitation Value influence the EP and Revo revenues of Miners, Lords should take into consideration Miners’ interests to attract Miners to work by changing Exploitation Value in different stages. Reducing the Exploitation Value can attract Mibers who need EP while increasing it can attract Miners who need Revo.

Increase Land NFT Solidity can increase the hashrate to a certain extent, thus expanding the revenue in Land NFT.

Land NFT Solidity is the inherent attribute in Land NFT. The Initial Solidity is directly related to the Land NFT acreage. Currently there are four kinds of acreage (2*2、4*4、4*8、8*8) in BetaMars, corresponding to four Initial Solidity of 30, 60, 90, 120. EP Pool Solidity is inversely proportional to the working times on the land. Lords can consume Revo to increase EP Pool Solidity.

In all, to maximize the land revenue, Lords need to increase the Land NFT Solidity, working times and Exploitation Value. And the interesting thing is that the Exploitation Value and working times are affected by each other. When the Exploitation Value is too high, Miners may choose other Land NFT with lower Exploitation Value to work and earn more. As a result, the total revenue of Elonpunk Pool on the Land NFT will be reduced due to the lack of Miners, and the Lord’s revenue will also be affected with the reduction of working times!

So Lords need to recruit a group of loyal Miners as much as possible, which will help you tremendously improve the percentage of your Land NFT hashrate in the total EP Pool hashrate, to get more revenue, and to develop strategies for different stages!

In fact, besides balance maintenance among working times, Land NFT Solidity and Exploitation Value, the earlier you participate in BetaMars 1.0, the more revenue you will earn!

According to the formula “Total EP Pool output in the land = (Land NFT hashrate / total EP Pools hashrate) * total daily EP Pool output”, the total daily EP output will have an impact on the total revenue on the lord’s land NFT.

“Total daily EP output on the Land NFT = fixed percentage of the EP Pool balance”, since the total daily output of Land NFT is gradually decreasing, the total daily EP output will be more advantageous in early BetaMars games.