Big3 Professional Basketball League Sells Team to a DAO 

  • Degods current floor price is $28,162 
  • The sale was made in exchange for 25 NFTs
  • Big3 is a basketball league crafted by the hip-hop mogul and actor Ice Cube

Decentralized independent associations (DAOs) have been securing high ticket things throughout the course of recent months and on April 28, the Degods DAO uncovered it obtained a Big3 proficient ball group called the Killer 3s.

The Big3 proficient b-ball association was established by the American rapper Ice Cube and Big3 chose to sell the privileges attached to the group by utilizing non-fungible token (NFT) resources.

Big3 Team the Killer 3s Sold for 25 NFTs

As indicated by reports, a decentralized independent association based on the Solana network called Degods DAO has bought a Big3 proficient b-ball group. 

Big3 is a b-ball association made by the hip-bounce big shot and entertainer Ice Cube and the association’s games depend on a 3-on-3 b-ball competition style. As of late, the Big3 chose to offer the privileges to a group called the Killer 3s by utilizing NFT innovation.

Basically, the Big3 association chose to sell 25 Fire-level NFTs for $25K per unit. The NFTs give the proprietors privileges to Killer 3s’ authorizing, protected innovation (IP), and association-supported stock. 

Degods DAO procured the Killer 3s group for around $625,000 by buying every one of the 25 NFTs attached to the Killer 3s. Degods DAO tweeted about the procurement on April 28.

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Degods collection has 4.5K owners

Degods DAO follows various DAOs purchasing high ticket things like properties, establishments, NFT assortments, and IP freedoms. For example, a DAO bought an unreleased Wu-Tang Clan record called Sometime in the distant past in Shaolin. 

Another DAO as of late uncovered it needed to buy drive-thru eateries and a DAO called Purchase the Broncos DAO attempted to raise $4 billion to purchase the Denver Broncos. 

Many endeavored buys have fizzled, similar to the Constitution DAO, which attempted to purchase an old duplicate of the U.S. Constitution but lost the sale. Degods is a famous Solana NFT project that has seen 397,300 SOL or $37,234,956 worth of NFT deals volume. 

The assortment has 4.5K proprietors and the ongoing floor cost is $28,162 or 300.5 SOL. A deflationary assortment of ruffians, troublemakers, and mavericks. Divine forces of the metaverse [and] bosses of our own universe. Controlled by the Solana Blockchain, Degods’ portrayal of Opensea makes sense.

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