Cardano hard fork upgrade “Vasil” will be delayed until the end of July

Cardano blockchain developer Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) said the long-awaited Vasil hard fork upgrade will be delayed by a month, acknowledging it was “disappointing” news, but the team is currently “very cautious” ” to ensure that the Vasil upgrade can go smoothly.

According to Cardano co-founder Charles Hoskinson, the Vasil upgrade will “dramatically improve the performance of Cardano” and its smart contract capabilities.

The Vasil hard fork was originally scheduled to take place on June 29, but has now been postponed to the last week of July. There were earlier rumors that the upgrade would be postponed until August, when Tim Harrison, IOHK’s vice president of community and ecosystem, responded, “As of the middle of this month, we are very close to our goal, but ultimately we need to evaluate DApps, exchanges, etc. , SPO and other preparations.”

Nigel Hemsley, head of IOHK product, later pointed out in a blog post that “the core work is nearly complete”, but there are still 7 minor bugs to be fixed. He wrote,

From many perspectives, Vasil is the most complex development and integration project to date. This is a challenging process that requires not only significant input from the core team, but also close coordination across the ecosystem.

As a result, the schedule for the Vasil hard fork to be sent to the Cardano testnet for testing will be postponed from June 20 to June 29.

After the testnet hard fork, developers of Cardanao-based dApps, stake pool operator SPO, will have about 4 weeks to “perform any required integrations and testing” before the official launch on mainnet until the end of July Vasil hard fork. Nigel Hemsley added,

This is reasonable and we should not rush it. Therefore, the most reasonable assumption right now is that the Cardano mainnet hard fork will happen in the last week of July. We realize this news will disappoint some. However, we are very careful to make sure we do the upgrade correctly.

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