Cardano Vasil Upgrade Coming September 22nd — What This Means For ADA

After many delays and perhaps even more drama, Cardano’s Vasil upgrade is finally coming on September 22nd. 


  • Vasil Date Announcement
  • Major New Exchange Listing For ADA
  • What This Means For ADA

Vasil Date Announcement

Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) announced today that the much-delayed Cardano upgrade Vasil is finally going through on September 22nd. The upgrade was originally scheduled for the end of June.

Following the successful completion & extensive testing of all core components, plus confirmed community readiness, we along with @cardanostiftung can today announce 22nd September for the #Vasil upgrade on the #Cardano mainnet,” IOHK said via Twitter. 

The upgrade is expected to bring increased network capacity as well even cheaper transaction fees. It’s also expected to improve the user experienced for Cardano devs looking to build or improve the first generation of Cardano native Dapps.

IOHK also noted that “The majority of leading exchanges have now started their update process. Based on current trajectory & previous experience, @CardanoStiftung has every confidence in them completing their updates & meeting the 80% liquidity metric set.”

The news comes after the recent drama in the Cardano community. One of Cardano’s community members said Cardano’s Vasil upgrade was “catastrophically broken. Apparently, it’s easily fixed.

“The #Vasil upgrade is a testament not just to the hard work of the core development team, but to the many technical contributions of the wider #CardanoCommunity. Many of the #Vasil improvements stem from community-driven #Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIPs),” IOHK noted.

What This Means For ADA

Cardano’s ADA token struggled to gain any traction after the announcement. It’s down about 1% in the last 24 hours trading in the $0.45 USD range. Though, the majority of crypto has struggled alongside with it, seeing as everything in the top 25 is currently in the red.

The market is low volume mode with the labor day weekend coming up. Typically, US holiday weekends tend to bring some volatility, or at the very least, indifference to the buying or selling of crypto.

More interestingly, ADA isn’t up despite a major new listing. Today, Robinhood announced that it’s finally offering ADA to its customers. Robinhood offers a variety of stocks and crypto all with zero-fee trading. Being on Robinhood opens up the Cardano network to a whole new world of users.

More importantly, though, with the Vasil upgrade out of the way, there is yet another goal post move for all the Cardano haters.

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