Castle Crypto Partners with Change Now to Launch Metaverse Exchange for NFT Game Specific Swaps

The popular crypto exchange Change Now has partnered with Castle Crypto to reach a growing number of NFT game players that need to swap Metaverse crypto tokens easily and with anonymity. The new NFT token exchange is called The Metaverse Exchange.

metaverse exchangemetaverse exchange

NFT games and Metaverse play has become a massive emerging trend in crypto and blockchain, but obtaining tokens and swapping coins can be difficult for beginners.

Players often grind games for hours in order to reap the rewards of the play to earn gaming model.

But cashing out or swapping metaverse crypto tokens is sometimes difficult or hampered by high fees when using networks such as Ethereum.

The Metaverse Exchange is meant to be a convenient way for gamers to exchange coins or automatically send crypto to a recipient of their choice.