Ceo Solana: “Network Downtime For 17 Hours Is Not That Important”

Anatoly Yakovenko, Ceo And Co-founder Of Solana Labs, Said That The 17:00 Shutdown Of Solana’s Main Network, Which Happened In September, Was “Not That Important.”

According To The Block, During The Solana Breakpoint Event, Anatoly Yakovenko Answered The Question Of Whether A Similar Suspension Of The Solana Network Is Possible. He Stated That He “doesn’t Know, Although It Really Doesn’t Matter.”
Yakovenko Stressed That There Was No Threat To User Funds, Just The Blocks Did Not Appear For 17 Hours. After The Network Was Restored, All Transactions Were Completed. He Also Noted That Delays In Block Formation Can Occur In Other Networks, Such As Ethereum Or Bitcoin.

However, Yakovenko Admitted That Such Delays Are Unacceptable For Users Who Need Fast Transaction Processing. But He Cannot Guarantee That This Situation Will Not Happen Again:

“latency Is Important For People Who Want A Message To Be Delivered In 400 Milliseconds. From The Point Of View Of The Safety Of Funds, The Situation Is Not Dangerous. From The Point Of View Of Applicability In The Real World, This Is Important. But I Can’t Say That This Will Never Happen Again, I Don’t Even Know If There Is A Possibility Of Repeating Such An Attack On Any Network. ”

As A Reminder, At The End Of September, The Blocks In The Solana Network Were Not Produced For More Than 17 Hours. As Representatives Of The Solana Foundation Later Reported , A Dos Attack Led To This – The Flow Of “Garbage” Transactions Was Up To 400,000 Units Per Second.

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