Coinsale Finance Announced Partnership With BlocKombat

Coinsale Finance recently announced a partnership with BlocKombat. IDO of BlocKombat will be on Coinsale on 26th August.

About Coinsale Finance

Projects can use CoinSale to sell tokens, increase liquidity, and attract new cryptocurrency investors. To invest in projects, you can stake CoinSale tokens at IDO events held on the CoinSale platform. You will be one of the first investors because of this platform, which allows you to invest first.

About BlocKombat

Blockombat​ is a P2E (play to earn) 3D multichain, GameFi ecosystem with NFTs rewards with the aim of revolutionizing the GameFi industry and further driving the adoption of crypto and play to earn in the gaming industry.

The Blockombat will be an evolving play-to-earn ecosystem that will attract not just game lovers but game developers as well, which will drive the adoption of the play-to-earn industry rapidly.





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