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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone! Thank you all for tuning in today’s AMA with CoreStarter!!! I’m your host Daley and today, Mr. Jay Wilson will be joining us to talk about CoreStarter. Good day to you Jay! How’s everything?

Jay Wilson: Hey Daley, thank you for having me! Yeah really good thank you mate, how about you?

Cryptodaily Admin: I’m doing great! Thanks for asking 💪 If you have anything to say before the AMA! Feel free to!

Jay Wilson: I’ll never say no to a quick word 😂. Just thank you to everyone who is taking the time to tune in to this AMA. I have some pretty exciting updates about CoreStarter so buckle up

Cryptodaily Admin: 👀 I’m here to make you spill all the beans. So let’s not keep everyone waiting! Let’s begin our AMA with CoreStarter with our first question here:

Q1. Can you briefly introduce yourself and your experience in blockchain?

Jay Wilson: Let’s do it! I’m Jay the COO of CoreStarter! I focus on growth, marketing, operations, strategy and partnerships. I’m an Australian who fell in love with everything blockchain related. I Have been investing in cryptocurrencies for several years. Other than CoreStarter I have worked with several projects at an advisory capacity specializing in go to market and growth strategies.

Cryptodaily Admin: And what about the core members of CoreStarter? Do you want to give them a shout out as well?

Jay Wilson: Absolutely! So our Founder and CEO is Umesh Gupta, he has been in blockchain for around 5 years and is a mathematics professor! We then Have Angad who is our project manager, Sagrika who is our customer relations manager, and our developer team who work day and night and have over 5 years experience working with blockchain tech between them.

Cryptodaily Admin: Experienced team you’re having there! Let’s move on and talk about CoreStarter right now!

Q2. Please give us a detailed explanation of CoreStarter

Jay Wilson: CoreStarter is a cross-chain Solana based Launchpad with high-yield staking (up to 75%!). CoreStarter launched last year supporting IDOs and has currently conducted raises successfully across AVAX, FTM, BSC, MATIC and SOL. We are the first launchpad directed at giving power back to the small investor. No lottery rounds, with a guaranteed allocation given to our Tier Members in Round 1 for every single raise. We are the only launchpad where your Tier score grows as you stake long term. Your Tier score is determined by the number of tokens staking AND the number of days you have been staking. That means you can grow your tier score without needing to add any additional tokens, we reward loyalty not just deep pockets. This is also meaning users who usually would not make a tier, would be able to stake long term and earn a guaranteed allocation, we thank that’s pretty awesome. Did I mention our staking is no-lock, meaning you aren’t trapped if you need to access those funds for an emergency.

The most exciting thing about CoreStarter is we just announced our Solana INO (Initial NFT Offering) Launchpad is going LIVE on Monday! We have been building this since last year so are extremely excited to finally release it. That means we can now conduct NFT sales for our community.

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s exciting! as long as you’re a long time holder of CoreStarter, you are guaranteed an allocation spot regardless of your staking amount, that’s huge! APY up to 75% too 👀

Q3. You mentioned you have just released an INO Launchpad, can you explain more?

Jay Wilson: That’s it, we’re built for our community and completely community focused. Yes! I would love to; this is so exciting to talk about. Our INO Launchpad, or Initial NFT Offering will be going live on Monday after months of building. We will be able conduct NFT sales for projects on the Solana network which also includes the minting of tokens, we are one of only a couple of Launchpads that are able to offer that as part of the service. After the release of our INO Launchpad we will be releasing our Secondary Market to support the projects that we launch, and also those that want to list and expose themselves to our community. It is an extremely addition to our platform. We have also secured our first INO which will be starting on the 30th of April!

To access sales on our INO platform you must be staking $CSTR. Our sales will run for 48 hours. Our Tier 6 (top tier) members get 4 hour pre-access to the sale, then tiers 1-5 are able to participate for the remainder of the sale too. We will open the sale to users staking at least 1000 $CSTR for 7 days on the second day of the sale IF we have not sold out. An important note is you MUST KYC on CoreStarter to be eligible.

Q4. What is the first INO that you will conduct on CoreStarters INO Launchpad?

Jay Wilson: The first CoreStarter INO will be the Multiplayer action role-playing game Eizperchain! It is a cross between adventure and arena battles, where you can roam the world of Eizper, or compete with other players to win rewards! Eizperchain is backed by some of the biggest names in the space including Alameda Research, Huobi Ventures and, also having signed on a number of guilds including Avocado Dao. CoreStarter will be selling 500 NFTs at 1.2 SOL each, it will be a random drop with 4 different rarities from 2-5 stars!

Cryptodaily Admin: Hey I know that game!

Jay Wilson: It’s going to be a big one

Cryptodaily Admin: So looking at your answers, I’d love to know more about the tier system

Q5. How many $CSTR tokens do users need to reach tiers in time for Eizperchain?

Jay Wilson: Of course. There is 7 days left to stake and reach tiers for Eizperchain, so to make each tier from here;

Tier 1 – 1500 $CSTR Staking for 7 days

Tier 2 – 7500 $CSTR Staking for 7 days

Tier 3 – 16,000 $CSTR Staking for 7 days

Tier 4 – 30,000 $CSTR Staking for 7 days

Tier 5 – 45,000 $CSTR Staking for 7 days

Tier 6 – 73,000 $CSTR Staking for 7 days

CoreStarter is currently Trading at $0.0225 so to access our Tier 6 prior to Eizperchain will only cost you $1650 if you start staking today! Remember Tier Score = Number of tokens x Number of days stake NOT just How many tokens you have.

Cryptodaily Admin: Of course, but it’s time sensitive since only 7 days left, so if you want to get to that tier 6 and get a 4-hour early access, check them out!

Jay Wilson: That’s it, but there’s plenty of time because of our unique staking system. There’s only 500 NFTs so once they sell out that’s it! We currently have 200 Tier 6 members.

Cryptodaily Admin: Oh man, is there a limit to buy with 1 address though?

Jay Wilson: No, with our INO Mints users are able to purchase more than 1 NFT

Cryptodaily Admin: So you better get to that tier 6 fast!!!! with around 200 Tier 6s, I’m smelling sold out in 30s 😂

Jay Wilson: Well I hope not that fast! But i’m thinking we are going to sell out quickly

Q6. What is next on the roadmap for CoreStarter?

Jay Wilson: Currently we’re just finalizing the launch of our INO Launchpad which is live next week as I mentioned. From there, we will be releasing our secondary NFT Marketplace for Solana projects, this is a really exciting development for our long term users. Following the release of our marketplace we will be releasing our claiming portal so our community can claim tokens at TGE rather than relying on an airdrop or other platforms claim portals.

Once we complete those three stages we will be building our INO Launchpad onto more networks, probably starting with BSC and then moving onto ETH, AVAX and MATIC. Then our marketplace will be taken cross-chain so we can be a fully functional INO platform and minting service for multiple chains, and a full secondary marketplace for multiple chains. We will be a one stop shop for our community.

Q7. Where can you purchase $CSTR tokens?

Jay Wilson: Currently our tokens are trading on and you can swap for $CSTR on Raydium with USDC. The links to each pair are below. 

Buy on Gate:

Swap on Raydium:

Q8. Do you have any IDO’s coming soon? or is it only Eizper Chain INO at the moment?

Jay Wilson: Yeah great question! We actually do have some IDO’s lined up! 2 currently announced and 3 more to be announced shortly. First one coming up will be Ex-Sports which is a full NFT ecosystem empowering sports stars and amateurs alike. They have created an entire ecosystem based around NFTs endorsed by athletes that have multiple Utilities. They conducted a sale for Maradona memorabilia that was also minted as official NFTs. They also have a p2e game which will utilize a number of these NFTs!

The second is BitBrawl. BitBrawl is the Super Smash Brothers of the blockchain world. An addictive style of platform fighter, you won’t be able to put this down. They sold out 10,000 Brawlers in under 10 minutes on launch, and have an incredible set of backers. They have increased the utility of every Solana NFT project they partner with, using those NFTs as skins for their brawlers with special attributes, skills and looks. There is plenty of hype behind this.

Cryptodaily Admin: Wow wow wow. CoreStarter is carefully picking the projects to help launching too, I like it

Jay Wilson: That’s it, quality over quantity

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with CoreStarter🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Jay Wilson: Come across to our telegram and have a chat to our admins, you’ll see how welcoming we are and we are building big things. Check out our for all links to our socials and local communities. 

Thanks for having me guys!

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you Jay for being here and talking about CoreStarter!! On behalf of the SolanaDaily community, I wish you success and best of luck to CoreStarter’s upcoming INO and IDOs as well! Take care man 💪