Could Beverage Company Monster Energy be Eyeing the Metaverse?

Following 4 trademark filings pertaining to NFTs and the metaverse, beverage maker Monster Energy is yet another brand touted to venture into the virtual space.

Digital Goods are Prioritized

Recently, more companies have begun to leverage the popularity of NFTs. Since last year there has been a marked transition to tokenized product offerings and metaverse-focused services. The goal is to drive up visibility and improve customer interaction.

Monster energy’s speculated foray into the NFT and metaverse space could be another confirmation of these happenings. The popular beverage company recently made four major trademark filings to the US Patent and Trademark office. The first filing is centered around digital products such as drinks, clothing, food, games, music, and various others. These goods will be available for customers to download and will be verified with the use of non-fungible tokens.

The trademark application following this one consists of retail store services, both physical and virtual with tokenized authentication. Additionally, it discusses an online platform where digital assets can be traded. Based on the 3rd filing, Monster Energy might have plans for entertainment that incorporate digital clothing items among various others.

The last trademark filing entails the introduction of blockchain-based software through which users can transfer virtual assets back and forth. The applications are expected to require over 6 months to process, as it is with first-ever filings.

Metaverse and NFT Integration on the Rise

Once the USPTO approves its applications, Monster Energy will begin to work towards providing a range of products and services. These include non-fungible tokens, downloadable goods, and a marketplace for virtual assets. Additionally, the beverage maker might release computer programs that process interactions between blockchain info.

This is not Monster Energy’s first venture into crypto waters. Earlier this year, crypto ecosystem SmartFi became the recognized digital crypto platform for Monster  Energy AMA Supercross.  As stated earlier, Monster Energy is among the latest to join the ranks of NFT and metaverse-curious brands. 


Several other prominent companies have trademark filings for NFT and metaverse-based offerings. Retail chain Walmart recently filed 7 patent applications for a native virtual token and NFTs. This move was echoed by the New York Stock Exchange in mid-February. The NYSE had filings relating to non-fungible tokens and the metaverse. 

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