Crabada officially releasing Battle Game on May 15 this year

The team behind the decentralized play-and-earn idle game Crabada is officially releasing its Battle Game this month.

This launch will include 2 different game modes for players to enjoy: Adventure Mode and Battle Mining & Looting.

In Adventure Mode players get to make their way through various new islands of Crustaco Bay. These increasingly-difficult areas contain a diverse range of different enemies to fight your way through, from colorful octopuses in Treasure Isle to aggressive turtles in Volcanic Peak. Other than these two locations, the other three places you’ll get to explore in Adventure mode include the Zahara Tombs, Frozen Falls and Soulful Seaway.  

Available rewards include things such as player EXP and Crystal Shells, the latter being an in-game currency used to unlock new Crabada levels.

Another benefit to progressing through this PvE mode is that it’s possible to unlock Special Mining Zones by completing certain stages. Special Mining Zones are part of the 2nd game mode that comes bundled in with this Battle Game release: Battle Mining & Looting.  Specifically, these mining zones can be unlocked by completing Small and Boss Island nodes, which include the 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th stage of every area in Adventure mode.

In Battle Mining & Looting players will be able to earn numerous different materials, which are needed to craft Food for feeding Crabada NFTs, as well as for crafting TUS, the core in-game cryptocurrency. Energy Bubbles are required to engage in Battle Mining or Battle Looting. Every Crabada NFT has 24 Energy Bubbles per day, with 4 being consumed in Battle Mining, and 1 in Battle Looting.

The Crabada Battle Game release will be cross-platform, meaning that it will be available on Windows, MacOSX, Android and iOS devices.


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