Cronos Announces the First Batch of Cronos Ecosystem Grant Recipients

Back in December of 2021, Cronos and Particle B announced they were starting a new initiative to jumpstart the Cronos ecosystem. In their own words;

The Cronos Ecosystem Grants program aims to support early stage projects on Cronos by bootstrapping initial product development and providing technical support. We aim to align incentives together with new builders and teams by helping their projects grow together with the broader ecosystem.

They have now announced the winners of the first batch, and we’re proud to say we are included. The winners are as follows;

The Cronicle

The Cronicle is a news and media publication platform focusing solely on Cronos. The platform provides market news, Cronos updates, project updates, project interviews (AMAs), press releases, podcasts, and more.

Website | Twitter | Telegram


Agora is a fully-fledged NFT marketplace on the Cronos chain which allows users to explore, mint, and trade Cronos NFTs.

Website | Twitter | Discord


Chrtr is an order flow tracker currently supporting Avalanche and will be expanding cross-chain to support Cronos. Chrtr offers traders useful trading tools such as Trading View charts and order flow tracking.

Website | Twitter


Entropyfi is a decentralized lossless prediction platform which allows users to amplify their yields through playing lossless prediction games. Entropyfi is currently live on Polygon and will be expanding cross-chain to Cronos and launch Entropyfi 2.0 introducing its novel Hodl-to-Earn game.

Website | Twitter | Discord | Medium

Legends of Mitra (Gem Studios)

Legends of Mitra is a free-to-play-to-earn multi-chain strategy defense game on both mobile and desktop.

Gem Studios, creators of Angry Warlord , Dragon fly, and Legends of Mitra (LoM), are on a mission to build games that are appealing to casual gamers while also integrating blockchain into fundamental areas of the game.

Website | Twitter | Discord | Medium

Single Finance

Category: DeFi

Single Finance is a platform that provides different single-click market-neutral yield farming strategies. All strategies are built to achieve different targeted returns and minimize impermanent loss/price fluctuation risk.

Website | Twitter | Discord | Medium

Congratulations to all the teams buidling on Cronos! This partnership and ecosystem grant will ensure these teams have the best resources available to grow their projects as well as mature the overall Cronos ecosystem.