Crypto Community Weighs In On Ukraine Fallout

The fallout from the Ukraine crisis has got the crypto community talking, and we’re getting expert geopolitical takes from true scholars and degenerate crypto flippers alike.


  • How Not To Act In War Time
  • Energy As A Matter Of National Security
  • Who Is Rooting For Russia?

How Not To Act In War Times

Uncertain times can reveal a lot about a person. And while we may agree that Bitcoin is a necessary progression for advancing the US economic system, war isn’t exactly the best thesis to base the bull case for your investments on.

Oh, and it’s also probably a good time to remind you of the dangers of scheduled tweets. FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried certainly couldn’t have thought that the onset of the Ukraine crisis was the best backdrop to promote his new product on, right?

Energy As A Matter Of National Security

Looking at some more insightful discussion, the Russians have reportedly taken hold of the historic Chernobyl nuclear plant, which, as noted by Nic Carter, highlights how he thinks that energy is a matter of national security as it plays a direct role in influencing foreign policy.

However, not everyone was quick to agree with Carter’s claims, saying that environmentalists have been trying to advocate against fossil fuels for a long time now; why are they the ones to blame?

What US President Biden Had To Say

Currently, the market seems to be enjoying the small bounce we’re seeing following Biden’s national address.

However, not much on the Ukraine fallout was discussed that we haven’t heard already, so don’t get too excited over one recovery pump. It will take sustained strength from Bitcoin before seeing any sort of meaningful turnaround.

What is interesting, though, is the fact during the Q&A, Biden said that the US has not yet removed Russia from the SWIFT program, although, that option is still on the table, and he claims the already-imposed sanctions will have a greater crippling effect than removal from SWIFT would.

This could create an interesting dynamic in the crypto markets, as the country would now have quite a limited means of receiving financial support from foreign countries. Given Putin’s timely nods towards Bitcoin and crypto adoption in the country, perhaps he saw the sanctions coming, and thus wanted to ensure the legal framework for his failsafe plan was in order.

Dynamics are developing rapidly, so be sure to tune in to CryptosRus to keep you informed on the story.