Crypto Exchange Bit2Me Celebrates New Launchpad With Massive B2M Airdrop

Crypto Exchange Bit2Me Celebrates New Launchpad With Massive B2M Airdrop

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The Bit2Me Airdrop is now in progress, with 8,000,000 B2M coins being distributed to participants through Coinmarketcap. The airdrop will take place between February 9th and March 2nd, 2022. The B2M airdrop is the most anticipated in Spain, with over 50,000 holders in its first five months on the market.

The First Recognized Crypto Exchange in Spain

On February 16th, Bit2me became the first exchange in the world to be approved by The Bank of Spain, establishing itself as the top crypto suite in the Spanish-speaking market. Following a $23.7 million USD ICO that sold out in three rounds in under 2 minutes and 24 seconds, the firm is now a household name in Spanish-speaking countries.

Guaranteed Winners vs Selected Winners 

  • All participants with 8,888 B2M in their Metamask before March 2, 2022, are guaranteed winners.
  • All participants with at least 1 B2M before March 2, 2022, are eligible for Diamond and Silver winners.
  • All participants with at least 1 B2M in their Metamask before and after March 2, 2022, are eligible for future airdrops.
  • Holders on any of these networks are eligible: Ethereum, Polygon (Matic), and BSC

Participate on Coinmarketcap 

All B2M holders can take part in the airdrop to win rewards in the form of B2M. By following the simple steps laid out on Coinmarketcap, (and in this video) anyone interested in the airdrop may join. Extra requirements can increase and even guarantee participants’ chances of winning.

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8 Million B2M Rewards 

The airdrop rewards are allocated into 4 different tiers: Golden 8, Diamond, Silver, and Bronze. Every Coinmarketcap user that participates in the Airdrop and completes all the

mandatory requirements will be eligible for the Bronze prize. However, the other categories are reserved for B2M token holders can be seen here in this Bit2Me Medium article.

No Claiming Necessary  

Winners and eligible participants will receive the prizes via the Polygon (Matic) network, no claiming will be necessary on their part. Winners will just need to add the custom Polygon Network RPC and add the custom B2M token to their wallet. Instruction videos for anything pertaining to the airdrop can be viewed from the above Medium article.

The B2M token will be available on all winner addresses no later than March 2nd. Winners will be announced no later than 3 days after the Airdrop participation period ends through official social media channels such as Telegram.

Big Response to B2M 

The B2M airdrop has seen a huge response from the community with 2.2 million participants registering within the first 7 days. Bit2Me stated that anyone interested in becoming eligible for future airdrops just needs at least 1 B2M to their wallet. B2M is available now on Ethereum, Polygon, (Matic), and BSC Networks through Uniswap, Quickswap, and PancakeSwap exchange.

Bit2Me Links 

Airdrop | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook |Team | Airdrop Terms & Conditions.