Crypto Now a Popular Investment Option for European Families

More than 50% of European families have some investment in digital currency.

The average European family sees crypto as a viable investment and savings option. This was discovered in several recent surveys conducted over different demographic areas.

Despite the volatility of the crypto space, as recent events highlight, it has seen a continuous rise in new investors. More people are committing to crypto investments and many of them are taking steps to buy into the growing market. 

The flurry of NFT adoption and the success of memecoin culture has inspired crypto-centric surveys in recent times. Kantar’s result about the European attitude toward crypto is the latest in this trend.  

Attitude to Crypto Among European Families

Kantar, the veteran data and insights company, conducted a study of European families’ attitudes toward cryptocurrency. The survey revealed that most families in Europe now consider digital currency a viable investment and saving option. In fact, 55% percent of those surveyed already had some money invested in crypto. 61% believe it is a way to expand their investment portfolio. And 70% see it as a source of providing for their families.

Another survey by Protocol together with Harris Poll follows the same trend. The temporary research consortium interviewed 1024 adults. Of those, 28% currently hold cryptos, and among those 93% intend to invest in more this year. In other words, the people who have delved into crypto find it a lucrative investment.

On the Other End of the Spectrum

Despite an increasing acceptance of the crypto industry, several are still skeptical, refusing to venture into it. Some skeptics argue that the crypto verse remains a risky and volatile world. Its decentralized nature, while a preached positive by many, is, unfortunately, a major concern for skeptics. This is because decentralization could mean crypto is difficult, if not impossible, to regulate.

In contrast, another survey revealed that most people are willing to commit to fitness on the metaverse instead of off-network gym memberships. 80% say they would commit to fitness if incentivized with crypto rewards.

Crypto Investments Yield Significant Rewards


While skeptics flinch from crypto investments, its early embracers appear to be reaping the rewards according to the research. Indeed, 60% of Kantar’s respondents report having seen over 50% growth in their investments of $1000 and above. An impressive return considering the recent concern and backlash the recent market collapse has generated.

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