CryptoPositive (CPTX) – Positivity to the Blockchain User Experience

The only limit to the market’s enthusiasm in the blockchain sector is represented by crypto-related criminal activity. Phenomenons such as rug pulls have the potential to harness the industry, even considering its enormous potential.

The team behind CryptoPositive, a new project wishing to enhance the sector’s credibility, is among those who want to counter this force. To let the readers judge the project’s value, we have collected a series of crucial details on this new initiative in our review.

About CryptoPositive

CPTX is recognized as a registered LLC in the state of Delaware and is a legitimate company to transact business with. The goal of the CryptoPositive Token is to build a Reflection Token that generates money and then distributes the revenues to CryptoPositive, Inc. (CPO).

Going beyond the legal details, the easiest way to understand a project is to look at its mission and team. Before moving into more technical matters, such as the CPTX token, let us start with this general information in the following section. 

Understanding the Team’s Mission

To provide a secure and good cryptocurrency experience for the community, CryptoPositive, LLC (CPTX) was formed to assist people in need.

The team wishes to eliminate the market’s negative image that many crypto skeptics have highlighted in the past. We are all aware of the existence of scams in the industry, and Crypto Positive has the ambitious goal of helping the market evolve.

CPTX aims to attract investors, corporations, and non-profit organizations by establishing a token that pays its holders, provides all proceeds/profits to charity causes, and promotes a dynamic and engaging environment.

The Team

The following professionals constitute the team:

  • An experienced Chief Energy Officer with a Bachelor’s degree in business administration and a focus on marketing and finance. He explained he worked in many industries, including Aerospace and Medical Device Manufacturing.
  • A Chief Operations Officer with a wide range of expertise in several sectors, but primarily focused on sales operations.
  • A Chief Hype Officer, a former member of the United States Air Force who began investing in equities, day trading, and long-term investment before shifting his emphasis to cryptocurrency a few years ago.

Furthermore, the team expects to hire at least three people: a Community Manager, a Certified Public Accountant, and a Chief Technical Officer.

The CPTX Token and Its Ecosystem

Reflex Legion Launchpad will be used to launch CPTX. If the hard cap limit is not achieved, there will be a Public Pre-Sale right after a Private Pre-Sale. The private round will follow a first-come, first-serve logic.

Finally, when the 750 BNB hard cap has been reached, the team will be ready to launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) through PancakeSwap and Legion Swap.

CPTX will have a 22% reflection fee, broken down as follows:

  • Token holders will receive a BUSD reward equal to 8% of all transactions. The holder’s share will rise to 9 percent after the project burns 5 percent of the overall supply. The team will raise the holder rewards to 10% when the burned supply hits 20%.
  • There will be an automated token repurchase and burn system of 4% of all transactions. Once the team hits the 5 percent, 10 percent, and 20 percent total supply burning milestones, this percentage will be reduced to 1%.
  • Furthermore, 2% of all transactions will go into a liquidity pool to keep the price growth level steady.
  • All continuing expenditures will be covered by a 3% charge on all transactions. Everything from staff hiring and training to research and utility development is included in this cost.
  • The CPTX’s charity wallet will receive 5% of all transactions for weekly donations to CPO, allowing customers to donate to community-selected and pre-determined charitable organizations. After burning 10% of the whole supply, this percentage will rise to 6%.

The team expects to divide the token supply among the private sale, the pre-sale, charity operations, a liquidity pool, and internal operations. Moreover, a part of the tokens will go directly to CPO and, for its support of the project, to Rematic Tokens LLC.

The Project’s Roadmap

Crypto Positive’s team follows a roadmap divided into three phases for its developments, as we explained below.

Phase 1

The first phase in the team’s plans features the following milestones:

  • Creation and publication of Crypto Positive’s whitepaper.
  • Opening Crypto Positive’s social pages, where the project’s community will interact.
  • Development and release of Crypto Positive’s official website.
  • Smart contracts development, coupled with professional external audit.
  • KYC procedure on each team member.
  • Token’s funding rounds (private and pre-sale).

Phase 2

The second phase of the project’s roadmap will begin with the official token launch on the market. By this time, we should be able to see CPTX on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.

The first token contribution to CPO will happen soon after the ICO, and, at this point, the team will launch several marketing initiatives. As we mentioned above, the founders plan to include new professionals in the group, and this will be the time to start looking for potential hires on the market.

Phase 3

After the completion of the hiring round, phase 3 will begin. The founders expect to reduce their buyback & burn strategy as the amount of burned tokens grows. On the contrary, holder rewards and charity donations are expected to grow.

Last but not least, the team plans to update the community with a new roadmap, anticipating new milestones in its plan.


Anyone on a mission to improve the crypto market’s reputation must have ambitious goals. CryptoPositive presented a detailed roadmap, waiting for investors to give their ultimate judgment on the project. 


The team expects its community to grow over time, a process that can easily be monitored through CryptoPositive’s social media pages (Twitter, Discord, Telegram).

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