DeFi Crypto Assets To Watch Out For Before the End of 2022: Immunicorn Finance, Uniswap, and Chainlink

DeFi Coins To Watch Out: Immunicorn Finance, Uniswap, & Chainlink

Immunicorn will run a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) backed by its native token, IMU. The DAO will control the valuation, utility, and every other thing about the IMU token and the ecosystem, driving it towards its goal of completely detaching from traditional financing. 

Immunicorn also allows staking and minting, and users can benefit from the merits of this by participating with their IMU token. The developers of this crypto project are committed to seeing it blow up in the market, and enthusiasts are gradually getting convinced about the possibility of the new cryptocurrency having a great run in the coin market. 

Immunicorn is available at its early stage and may be a good time to adopt the project with hopes of a price/value increase in months to come. Find out more about it and how to join the presale here.

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