Defi Platform ‘The Commission’ teams up with The Glimpse Group to develop augmented reality-based NFTs

Defi Platform 'The Commission' teams up with The Glimpse Group to develop augmented reality-based NFTs

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The Commission announced its latest paid partnership with Glimpse group and its wholly-owned subsidiary company QReal, to expand its portfolio to offer augmented reality-based NFTs for cryptocurrency. The Glimpse Group is the perfect partner as it is a diversified platform with enterprise-focused VR and AR software and services solutions. 

The Commission is a decentralized finance company backed by the Ethereum blockchain. Its native token is the Commission token, one of the first cryptocurrencies to be backed by gold. It is one of the assets that was a game-changer in bridging the gap between traditional and digital assets. Its mandate and strategic partnerships with Saitama and Pax Gold increased the credibility of the token, increasing its demand.

Through the new partnership, The Commission will be able to develop multiple 3D AR-based NFTs for its native token. QReal is highly experienced in AR development and 3D modeling and they will use that to mint the NFTs, which will be in the form of gilded 3D models. 

Incorporating AR and NFTs will be a major milestone for The Commission token in the DeFi and metaverse worlds. 

About The Commission 

The Commission is an ETH blockchain DeFi project created with direct community participation in mind. Through the Commission, holders have two entryways to invest and obtain gold. They can either stake their CMSN tokens or invest in The Commission PAXG Gold Treasury vault. The Commission will also obtain gold as collateral from investing in other projects. Investors can be confident since the contract has been made such that it cannot be modified.

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About The Glimpse Group 

The Glimpse Group  (Nasdaq: VRAR) is an AR and VR platform with diverse VR and AR software and services companies. It was created with the purpose of helping newbies in the VR/AR industry.  It helps to solve the challenges facing the ecosystem while giving investors a chance to invest on the platform.