DeFiato – Crystabaya Partnership to Bring Tourism Industry to the Next Level

DeFiato – the next-generation mainstream Fintech platform for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) – and Crystabaya – a market of NFT-based hotel nights and travel-associated items – have actually revealed their global tactical partnership to utilize DeFiato’s DeFi services and Fiat on-ramp for tourism-associated deals on This partnership opens a brand-new age of practical fast deals and a high level of liquidity for the tourism industry, offering continuous advantages to all of its stakeholders. Travelers around the world can pay utilizing crypto with ease; at the exact same time, hotels can get fiat cash as a settlement through DeFiato’s Fiat on and off ramp. Travelers likewise have the chance to get fiat when re-offering their NFT-based hotel nights on the market.  

In addition, DeFiato will handle the staking and farming for Crystalbaya’s upcoming promo program of 1 million NFT tokens, which are comparable to 1 million hotel nights (worth $100,000,000) in order to kickstart the NFT-based market on Crystabaya.

“We are pleased to work with Crystabaya on this journey to transform the landscape for tourism,” stated Dr. William H. Nguyen – Founder of DeFiato. “Our cutting-edge technology regarding staking, farming, and secured Fiat gateway has  provided the right infrastructure for Crystabaya to deploy this first-of-its-kind tangible NFT marketplace to travelers across the world.” 

“We are delighted to partner with DeFiato to bring the next generation of online travel services into the crypto community as well. At Crystabaya, we use the NFT technology to bridge the physical world to the metaverse, so that travelers can enjoy the benefits of the flexibility and the lower cost of their travels,” stated Mr. Trung Nguyen – CEO of Crystabaya.

To commemorate this partnership, DeFiato will develop a farm on its platform to hand out 100,000 NFT-based hotel nights (worth $10 million USD) for all of those users who hold DFIAT tokens. This will let the users on platform right away experience a genuine bridge in between the real world (e.g. hotel stays) and the metaverse (NFT market).

About DeFiato

DeFiato is the next-generation centralized platform for DeFi staking, yield farming and monetary services, with ease-of-usage and customer care assistance, which has actually completely gotten rid of the technical barriers and monetary dangers connected with lots of decentralized platforms. The platform makes it possible for on-chain liquidity through different swimming pools, throughout various chains. It likewise provides fiat on-ramp/off-ramp.

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About Crystabaya

Crystabaya is a Marketplace of NFT-based hotel nights and travel-associated items. On this platform, tourists can discover and schedule a space at the most inexpensive possible rate while keeping their comfort that their cash is protected even when their itinerary modifications, due to their capability to trade their NFT-based reserved stays. Crystabaya converts the central hotel and rental home reservation experience into versatile and personalized decentralized exchange.

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Dr. William H. Nguyen

Email: [email protected]


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