DiveWallet Review – The Next Level of Practicality and Asset Security

DiveWallet is an all-inclusive, fully-functional, cross-chain mobile wallet that is just making its way on the market. The project aims to make the cryptosphere safer and secure the users’ assets from scams and malicious attacks.

This DiveWallet review looks closely at the most recent crypto wallet applications to surface in the crypto world. Read on to discover its features, tokenomics, and roadmap!

What is DiveWallet?

The crypto industry provides plenty of opportunities for everyone, including developers, investors, traders, and everyday users. Unfortunately, it also enables hackers and malicious users to prey on other people’s assets and causes billion-dollar losses every year.

DiveWallet is a new crypto wallet looking to reduce these losses and increase security in the crypto space. To this end, it aims to build a solid and loyal community by offering the best possible user experiences.

The DiveWallet team ensures its users of increased transparency by providing frequent updates and details. They want to share a new sense of security and practicality with users in what should become a “crypto family.”

DiveWallet Features

DiveWallet is coming with a new set of features to gain a competitive advantage over other crypto wallets. The initial core features include:

  • Alerts when the user’s wallet connects to a web 3.0 address
  • An in-depth breakdown of all the assets in a user’s wallet
  • Logged Dollar-Cost Average (DCA) and the initial amount that the user invested
  • The ability to choose a preferred price source

DiveWallet users holding at least 500 million $DWT will benefit from the wallet’s PRO features, which include:

  • Configurable, automatic, and complete web 3.0 disconnect after a certain period
  • Real-time dusting attack alerts
  • The ability to revoke all permissions to connected dApps with only a tap of the button

Lastly, users should benefit from high security and user-friendly features regardless of how many assets they hold.

The DiveWallet ($DWT) Token

The DiveWallet team plans to release a community-driven token, $DWT, to fund the wallet’s development. Those believing in the wallet’s success can support it by purchasing the DiveWallet Token and accelerating its progress.

$DWT will be available to buy in three events, a private presale, a presale on Pinksale, and a public launch. The team will soon release more information regarding whitelisted spots in the presale able to buy the maximum token amount.

The team will mint a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 $DWT and distribute it as follows:

  • 33% towards burning operations: 33% of the supply
  • 29% towards the presale
  • 22% towards liquidity
  • 10% towards the private sale: 10% of the overall $DWT amount
  • 6% towards the development fund and team wallets

According to the DiveWallet whitepaper, the wallet will take a 15% tax on every transaction. This will go towards BUSD reflections (13%) and liquidity (2%). The team will not take any marketing tax because the team wallet reflections provide it with enough capital. Lastly, the BUSD reflections serve as bonuses for $DWT holders and enable the team to build funds without per-transaction taxes.

DiveWallet Roadmap

DiveWallet launched at the beginning of 2022 and has already checked several boxes in its extensive roadmap. For instance, the team issued the initial whitepaper, developed the token contract, and launched the website.

Currently, the DiveWallet team is building the community and rolling out its marketing strategy. Soon, the project should obtain an audit from InterFi and listings on Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko. Furthermore, the team will look forward to the presale event on Pinksale.

For the remainder of 2022, DiveWallet plans to begin wallet development and obtain a KYC audit for its team members. The wallet’s official launch should follow together with introducing its dApp products. Next, the team will distribute reflections from ad revenue, begin buyback, and burn excess tokens.

Final Thoughts

DiveWallet is one of the most recent crypto wallets to announce its development. The cryptosphere desperately needs more secure storage applications. Reliable and practical wallets could reduce scams and malicious attacks and improve the crypto market’s credibility. We will follow DiveWallet’s development and see if it can take asset security to a new level.


For more information about DiveWallet, please follow the following links: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord.

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