Domestic Abuse During and Post-Pandemic

domestic violence

Following 2020, domestic abuse has increased across the board. Notably, 22% in Portland arrests, 10% in New York reports, and 18% in San Antonio calls. Marginalized groups are hit the hardest, their rates of abuse being 50% or more above average. 

This is the result of the added stressors and opportunities the pandemic offered and that continue today. People were living cramped together with financial and health worries constantly stacking up. This not only meant an increased likelihood for abuse but there are fewer mandated reporters around, less people to reach out to, and the opportunities to reach out were moved to digital.

Once abuse begins only 34% of people injured by a partner seek medical care. Half of all incidents go unreported in any capacity, let alone medical. This comes from the dependency one tends to have with their partner, the pressure of having to out their partner, and the psychological effects of abuse that reduce self esteem and isolate victims. 

The best thing one can do to help stop this is to be aware. Know the local organizations that help, know the signs, and don’t ignore them when they present themselves. 19% of people know someone who is a victim of domestic abuse, it’s something that’s very realistic to experience within one’s lifetime and something an individual can really make a difference in.

Domestic Violence: How You Can Help

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