Dotmoovs ($MOOV): Competitive Sports in the Metaverse

Blockchain and play-to-earn games are rapidly becoming some of the most lucrative aspects of the crypto world. Players of these games get rewarded for partaking in their favorite activities while contributing to the platform’s success story. For instance, Sky Mavis – the team behind Axie Infinity – had generated over $400 million from the game by August 2021. According to Newswagg’s research, the crypto gaming industry’s revenue hit $321 million in 2020.

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Notwithstanding the play-to-earn industry’s impressive numbers, there is an ongoing shift from play-to-earn to the new move-to-earn. Sometimes considered an upgrade to the former, move-to-earn also offers rewards to players with more focus on fitness. Move-to-earn games help improve player well-being by introducing physical movement and general fitness into gameplay. The move-to-earn concept is fantastic for people who are more fitness-focused and are not as ardent as the average video gamer. 

One such example is dotmoovs ($MOOV), where active participants can easily monetize their time and gameplay. To take part, players only need a smartphone camera to display their sports skills and compete with other players.

What is dotmoovs ($MOOV)?

dotmoovs is a blockchain-based competitive sports platform in the metaverse. It is a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence system that analyzes videos of players performing sporting activities and rewards winners using its proprietary MOOV tokens. 

dotmoovs has incorporated blockchain tech, decentralized finance (DeFi), and AI technology into one platform through its peer-to-peer and AI-driven features. In the dotmoovs metaverse, two people can compete regardless of location, receive unbiased judgment, and earn rewards. The platform decides scores using an AI-driven arbitration engine that detects the positions of each player’s body and limbs, along with a scoring algorithm that measures the player’s skill. According to a recent metaverse ranking, dotmoovs is one of 10 metaverse platforms most likely to explode in 2022. The list also features popular names like Decentraland ($MANA) and Axie Infinity ($AXS).

The More You Move, The More You Earn

dotmoovs features a freestyle football section that is already live. Players must use the platform’s mobile application to capture physical body movements. The application uses advanced computer vision algorithms and AI-driven limb tracking to accurately capture and store movements. The player with the highest score wins the round and receives $MOOV tokens and other in-game rewards.

One of the main attractions of dotmoovs is its AI-powered and unbiased scoring system. In many cases, scores and ratings are usually prone to subjective appraisals and human biases. However, each dotmoovs player gets a fair chance to participate and receive objective scores and judgment. The more skilful a player is, the more their earning power.

Coming Soon: Dance to Earn

The team at dotmoovs has recently announced their brand new feature that will soon be live – dance to earn. Similar to its original concept, the feature offers users the opportunity to earn through Dance. The platform plans to soon introduce dance challenges for players to challenge one another and win more $MOOV if they win.

Originally set to be released by the end of 2022’s first quarter, the feature has seemingly been delayed to April, where dotmoovs enthusiasts can dance to their hearts’ content on International Dance Day.

How Does dotmoovs Scoring Work? 

Participants trying out the freestyle football section should note the following factors considered for scoring players:

  1. Number of ball juggles for different body parts according to difficulty
  2. Creativity applied to ball juggles
  3. Speed 
  4. Rhythm
  5. Ball height in each juggle
  6. Originality (compared to previous attempts)
  7. Absence of handball or ground touch fouls

dotmoovs Growth and Adoption for Blockchain

The dotmoovs platform contributes to the general growth and development of the blockchain and crypto ecosystem via its AI-based infrastructure. The blockchain industry is currently enjoying increased adoption, especially with decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens (NFT). dotmoovs is pooling all parts of the ecosystem for its unique product, and crowning its creation with artificial intelligence. The platform is now set to partake in the global NFT market that generated $23 billion in trading volume in 2021.

Another major dotmoovs contribution is its attraction to the sports community. Through the platform, sports lovers, players and spectators alike, can join the blockchain ecosystem and earn on dotmoovs by simply participating in their preferred and natural habitat.

Several factors serve as catalysts to increased adoption of move-to-earn platforms. For instance, people now have a stronger need for physical activities as worldwide lockdowns are ending. As winter wraps up and the weather becomes warmer, dotmoovs provides the perfect platform for users to get fit, enjoy the weather, and also earn.

Investors are also recognizing the potential impact of move-to-earn platforms and are buying in. In the past few months, a few projects have raised funds from investors who have identified these trends and want a piece of the action before adoption skyrockets.

Another factor in favor of dotmoovs and move-to-earn is the low entry barrier. Users find move-to-earn platforms easier to navigate than play-to-earn for multiple reasons. Firstly, effective participation on play-to-earn platforms requires knowledge of the game. There is also the financial barrier as many of these games charge an entry or starting fee. On dotmoovs, all you need is to know how to move.

$MOOV Utility Token

The $MOOV token is dotmoovs’ native utility asset. The platform uses this asset to create an environment free from currency value constraints, democratizing access by providing all players with a level playing field. All dotmoovs transactions require $MOOV tokens.

$MOOV Token Use Cases

Players can use $MOOV to:

  • Buy dotmoovs NFTs

Players who own dotmoovs NFTs can participate in challenges to earn $MOOV and rent the NFTs to other players. Players can also earn $MOOV tokens on challenges won with rented NFTs. 

  • Access-Challenge Mode

Users need $MOOV tokens to play in the platform’s Challenge Mode. Players who win 1 vs. 1 games or tournament challenges will also earn more tokens. 

  • Stake In Sports Mining

Users can multiply their tokens and earn rewards by staking $MOOV using the dotmoovs Sports Mining staking feature.

dotmoovs is set to capture interested sportsmen and sportswomen by introducing them to the growing blockchain ecosystem. Since people only need a camera to participate, players all over the world can enjoy simple dancing and sporting activities and easily earn while at it.

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