Earn While You Exercise: Motearn Unveils the Next Generation of Move2Earn Ecosystem

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We are currently experiencing a steady decline in the rate of engagement in physical activities. The pandemic has further pushed us into a higher level of sedentary lifestyle whereby persons spend almost all day in front of computers. There was once a time when being a ‘couch-potato’ was synonymous with laziness. However, our current reality has got millions of people making genuine financial fortunes from the comfort of their couches. 

The health implications of lack of a physically engaging lifestyle have been projected to escalate in the long run. As a result, we are bound to witness a rise in illnesses such as obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, etc. Move-to-Earn (M2E) platforms like Motearn offer users mouth-watering incentives when they engage in physical activities. These platforms utilize the power of blockchain technology to allow users to earn from their physical activities through cryptocurrency tokens that can be exchanged for cash. Unlike Play2Earn platforms that encourage a lifestyle of physical inactivity, Move2Earn platforms incentivize people to engage in physical exercises through tokens and NFTs. 

Although there are a number of M2E platforms out there, Motearn appears to be miles ahead of the rest. It is an M2E platform built to encourage people to lead healthier and self-confident lives while allowing users to earn tokens as rewards for their exercise and physical activities. 

Motearn is the next generation of Move2Earn. Unlike other M2E platforms, it boasts of a wellness ecosystem in which wearables connect the physical world and activities to the digital world of blockchain technology. In addition, it is built upon the concepts of reliability, user privacy, and connectivity. Another factor that gives Motearn an edge is its proof-of-walk technology that ensures users engage in a physical activity before they can earn rewards. There is absolutely no way around it. In the Motearn platform, users engage in physical activities with Connected Tangible NFTs (ctNFTs) shoes to earn tokens. Motearn is also releasing its IRL NFT collections in a unique way. They will be minting their collection of 3210 IRL/NFT shoes in six batches at 2 week intervals, with the first batch starting on 15th SEP 9:00 PM UTC with a supply of 500 NFTs 

The vision of Motearn is to create an ecosystem in which physical Smart shoes, Smartgoggles, Smartwristwatches, and Earpods work in an interconnected manner to motivate people to exercise more often, seeing that they get an immediate value for it through tokens and NFTs. This also simultaneously promotes the long-term value of good health and fitness. 

Motearn incentivizes users for their physical activities using $EMET(Embry Move2Earn Token) or $MOT depending on the reliability of the activity tracking device. However, the gamification mechanics of Motearn is designed to strip users of their rewards if they fail to engage in physical activity for a long while. 

Good health should be enough motivation to engage in physical exercises regularly, but sadly, that is not the case in reality. However, the introduction of Move2Earn platforms has upped the fitness motivation ante, and Motearn is a step ahead with the introduction of wearables that can be connected to monitor and reward users in real-time through the power of blockchain. Activities such as running, swimming, biking, walking, etc., can now be utilized to earn. One can perform these activities anytime, anywhere while being tracked (without GPS or personal data collection) and earn $EMETs/$MOTs which can also be burned for physical and digital products.

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