EarthFund DAO: Aiming to Tackle Humanity’s Problems in a Decentralized Way

Are you a person who cares about the environment, climate change, and sustainable growth for future generations?

EarthFund, a global Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) designed for people who want to contribute to building a better world.

EarthFund is working to use blockchain, cryptocurrency, autonomy, decentralization to further these worthwhile goals – and a lot more.

With EarthFund progress is possible. It provides a common place and scalable solutions for gathering capital from the masses and then uses the funds to help solve problems we all share.

EarthFund: The Mission

EarthFund works with a crypto crowdfunding model

With this system a variety of different causes are empowered and addressed. Network members can select and donate to whichever causes they like, then also vote for relevant projects that the donations will be spent on.

This model allows people to work autonomously with a strong concentration on cause-focused communities. EarthFund is a project made for the people and grants real power to the goals that matter.

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Who is EarthFund Created For?

Hypothetically, there are no restrictions in terms of participating in EarthFund communities.

At this stage, the majority of current members are crypto early adopters, who are impressed by the platform’s far sighted vision.

Once the platform is fully launched with all live functionalities, the customer base will surely be expanded.

Other potentially interested groups may include:

  • Activists with a passion or concern about causes. People will buy tokens and donate to projects with feasible solutions that can make an impact
  • Community leaders or influencers who might take a lead and forward a cause
  • Long term crypto investors, with the intention to hold onto their funds for a long term vision. Day traders or speculators might not be the best suited for joining EarthFund

It is simple to see that each group of participants has specific needs and interests. With EarthFund, members are divided into three big categories.

  • DAO users, these are main voters of autonomous governance. In particular, DAO users will purchase 1Earth tokens from EarthFund’s Simplex integration or external exchanges and swap for governance tokens to be able to join causes. Then they can raise votes for proposals, decide projects to fund with crowdfunded treasuries and enjoy rewards for their contribution (in both fulfillment sentiment and real utility tokens)
  • Donors, who are passionate about causes and make their donations in any kinds of ERC-20 token. The donated tokens will be sent to cause’s multi-sig wallet, then converted to USTD to fund projects
  • Cause founders, community leaders, key influencers, or anyone else on the platform who cares about problems at a global or regional level. These participants will propose a cause by submitting it to the website, where an appraisal process will take place. After the EarthFund has reviewed and approved, the system will open a multi-sig wallet and create a new cause on the platform.

At present, EarthFund launched the 1Earth token and is constructing the DAO platform with funding in place to move forward.

In the near future, the platform will be launched with an inclusive set of tools. It will be ready to spur adoption and attract a vibrant community of people who care about making the world better.

Helping to Make Things Better

EarthFund provides a cause-centric solution for crowdfunding.

People from all corners around the globe can gather on the platform. When a group has the same interests or concerns regarding at least one common topic, this platform works.

EarthFund allows people to come together and donate to fund projects that lead to viable solutions.

Furthermore, through an autonomous mechanism, EarthFund empowers users by giving them voting rights to decide which projects are worth funding.

That democratization prevents unethical interventions and ensures the grants are spent on the right area for the correct purpose.

Unlike normal physical charitable organizations with redundant wastes and stagnant processes, EarthFund cuts off all unnecessary costs for staff and administration.

This system maximized the impact from donated funds. With EarthFund, 5% of the total granted funding amount will be kept a platform fee.

Besides, each cause can also determine a specific percentage they want to add on top of the grants paid out as for rewards, which later on will be distributed to the community members who join in voting and other activities.

This payback to community mechanism is such a good way to stimulate people to give a hand in improving our living world, so that they can receive some benefits in return.

What Makes EarthFund Empower Change?

EarthFund stands out as one optimal destination for crowdfunding gerat causes. It delivers a way to create positive change for the future as well as provides a fair experience to each and every member of the platform, whether they are donors or cause founders.

  • Crowdfunding
    EarthFund is taking the lead as the top crypto crowdfunding DAO platform for global matters. Not only focusing on the completion of the DAO mechanism, EarthFund’s functionalities are also far more comprehensive than other competitors, such as DAOhaus.
  • Easy to join
    There are no pre-conditions to participate in EarthFund as a donor. For cause founders, apart from a small fee applied for DAO members to review cause submissions, no other upfront costs are required. Therefore, everyone can start raising their voice in addressing and solving a persistent problem.
  • Easy to Use
    There are a bunch of activities EarthFund members can get involved and interact with on the platform. Those include buying tokens, joining causes, voting for proposals, claiming rewards and so on. Moreover, usability also comes with an intuitive, friendly to use and UX optimized interface. Either donors or founders do not need to sweat to explore a bundle of communities, even a stranger to crypto can easily access and get acquainted with it right away.
  • Effortless token minting system
    EarthFund makes minting extremely simple by taking care of all the pains including regulatory and compliance process, hosting a TGE (Token Generation Event), negotiations for listing on exchanges, registering an LLC and all. All founders need to do is to propose a cause, EarthFund will take charge of the rest. Minting your token, having your own smart contract and governance is never easier than with EarthFund.
  • Scalable ecosystem
    EarthFund is constantly integrating external resources for the communities so as to enrich members’ experience and attract more users and projects.

At the moment, EarthFund has introduced Deepak Chopra and several talk shows with key influencers. In the very near future, the platform will collaborate with to build NFT membership cards that allow access to exclusive Discord channels.

More and more networks will continue to be added, bringing unlimited experience and opportunities to choose and fund cause treasuries.

As rewards for a contribution to cause projects, whenever an action is generated, such as making a vote for a proposal, the system will count it and EarthFund members will redeem respective rewards in the USDT stablecoin. This incentivization mechanism will motivate people to proactively join in community supporting efforts.

EarthFund is Here for Good

EarthFund takes the DAO model and makes it work for things that matter. A lot of value has flowed into the decentralized economy, and with this platform, it can be deployed into causes that matter.