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Coinwire Admin: Hello everyone! Hope you’re all doing well today 💪Welcome to the BSCDaily x Ecomove AMA, where we will be discussing a lifestyle altering fitness project called: Ecomove. I’m Daley, your host, and joined with me is Mr. Ryan – CMO from said project. Hey Ryan, how’s it going?

Ryan: Hello Daley and everyone in the BSC Daily Community, I’m Ryan. It has been an extremely hot day, so I hope everyone is doing ok.

Coinwire Admin: Can’t say about everyone, but I think we’re all doing good and looking forward to this AMA 👀So let’s jump right in today’s AMA and get to know more about you guys, shall we? Can’t wait to read about what Ecomove has for us🙌🙌

Ryan: I’m ready to answer some questions, getting people to know more about our project. So carry on ☺️

Coinwire Admin: Perfect! Let’s begin our AMA with the first segment: Q&A from the host. The first question is:

Q1: Please introduce Ecomove to the audience, what is the idea behind creating such a project?

Ryan: Nowadays, in the fast-paced life and the explosion of technology we have damaged the natural environment to some extent that can not be restored. If we don’t do anything about it, everything will just die out eventually. This led us to another question: If one person doesn’t even care about his own health, how can he care about the environment? So this is when ECOMOVE comes in clutch. ECOMOVE will be the pioneering project in the “Move-to-earn” section which mentions this topic. For the first time, we combine “move-to-earn” with an environment-friendly factor or so-called Refi. By walking, running, and cycling you will earn $ECM tokens and also contribute to preserve the environment

Coinwire Admin: Interesting, and please elaborate more on how we can contribute to preserving the environment in later questions! For now, I would like to know about the philanthropists behind this project:

Q2: Who are the core members developing Ecomove? How long have you been working in Ecomove and Blockchain?

Ryan: ECOMOVE has a very well-rounded team. Our team members have expertise in almost every field that would affect a crypto project.

We have Tyson Chan – CTO/ Co-founder of ECOMOVE. Tyson is a previous core member of Gojek Singapore – a multiservice application. With a depth of 7 years experience in project development and a degree in economics, he creates a strong base for our project both financially and technically

Our advisor – Nguyen Bac: Despite being young in age but in the crypto field Bac is a “beast” I would say. Having been in the crypto field for 3 years, he has a phenomenal mindset about Marketing, Financial Strategies. It’s an honor for ECOMOVE to have him as Advisor.

And finally there is me – Ryan – CMO/Co-founder of ECOMOVE. Have been working for 2 years in the marketing field. Unlike other team members, I got my balance divided far too many times before I learnt my lesson. It’s an honor for me to contribute my aspect of marketing to ECOMOVE

Coinwire Admin: And of course, these are just the core members. I believe Ecomove has a pretty large team behind, doing the back-end stuff too. So we’ve just gotten to know about the project and the team in brief. Let’s dive deeper into the app!

Q3:  As a move to earn project, Ecomove encourages people to run with sneakers NFT and earn from that. Are there any other mechanisms within the app that’s different from other projects?

Ryan: To separate ECOMOVE from tons of other M2E projects we have developed a very fun and engaging game mode which is Duo-run. In this mode you can challenge another user for a race. To be more specific, they’ll create a challenge room and start betting their tokens, and of course the higher risk means higher rewards. Both runner’s bet prices will add more rewards to the total prize. At the end of the race the winner will get the prize. What is even more exciting is that we’re gonna make this game mode available very soon, almost aligned with the publish of the Main net version of ECOMOVE

Coinwire Admin: That sounds cool! tired of running alone without motivation? Ecomove allows you to bet money to run! Now you’re going to lose money unless you try your best to beat the opponents 💪 Nice going! But before we dive into the mainnet

Q4: Let’s talk about your ECM tokens. Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some ECM use cases?

Ryan: So $ECM is gonna be ECOMOVE governance token

We have a supply of 50.000.000 $ECM and can not create more.

57,2% Presale including: 

-36% Token sale 

-21,2% Liquidity

The other percentages are:

34% Reward Pool

4% Team & Marketing/Ecology Preserving 

2% Partners

2,8% Fair Launch Fee

Most of them are locked and the team only hold very little amount of tokens, for more details about locked tokens you should visit our presale link. And to replenish the Reward Pool, we have set in our smart contract that half of the tax will be sent back to Reward Pool automatically. So we have enough tokens to reward users. What can you do with $ECM? It has many use cases such as:

  • Upgrade your Sneakers: higher-level Sneakers, higher gains per workout.
  • Unlock new features and rewards
  • Recycle your Sneakers
  • Staking
  • Entrance fee for Duo-run modes

And when you sell your upgraded Sneakers on the marketplace for a higher price, $ECM will serve as gas fee

Coinwire Admin: Check them out fam! They’re having a pre-sale right now! Would you mind sending us the link to your pre-sale?


Coinwire Admin: Invest at your own risk! DYOR peeps. Right! Let’s move on to the next question here

Q5: Inflation is a big problem for a move-to-earn project. What has Ecomove done to prevent this from happening with your token and your NFT?

Ryan: To reduce inflation, ECOMOVE has come up with various ways of burning token like: Fixing and leveling up Sneakers, entrance fee for Duo-run mode (part of the fee will be burnt), and of course in the future we have token burning events, which will be announced to the public

Coinwire Admin: What about the NFT? Most projects don’t care about how inflated their NFTs are, but I believe that’s a real problem too

Ryan: For that aspect, we encourage users to hold their NFTs by the staking function of ECOMOVE. But that will only slow down the inflation for a while. We do have plans to get NFTs with more utilities like: NFT holders can use their NFT like an entrance ticket for special events in the future. The team also has in mind a Merging function which allows users to merge NFT for a new better one. Of course we’ll put this on roadmap immediately when the inflation start to kick in

Coinwire Admin: Understood! overall, creating a multitude of use cases for the Ecomove NFTs for now. I believe it’s time we head to the “ReFi movement”

Q6: Ecomove also supports the ReFi movement, can you walk us through what it is, and how does Ecomove contribute to this trend?

Ryan: A part of ECOMOVE’s avenue will be used to help preserve the environment. In the future, users will be rewarded when taking part in these ecology events. To be more specific, running and cycling contests will be held. There will be rewards for the person who gets first place and souvenirs for people who attend. the souvenirs will also environment-friendly so everyone can gradually get used to products made from recycling

Q7: And apart from these wonderful features, Ecomove also has staking with impressive APRs. Would you mind introducing this function to us?

Ryan: Users can choose to join 2 types of staking pools: ECM staking or NFT staking. We have a wide range of rewards for each choice of staking. This function was meant for everyone to join, especially the one who can not move or doesn’t want to move. They can still own ECM and NFT for staking activities. APR is up to 300% for ECM staking depending on the amount and the staking period so make sure to check out the detail on our website

Coinwire Admin: Before, you mentioned the Duo Run mode is going to be released at the same time as the mainnet. So I have to ask:

Q8: What can we expect from Ecomove in Q3,4, 2022? Are you confident in Ecomove’s performance in the bear market?

Ryan: In near future what we are expecting to present to the public is the main net version of ECOMOVE app. Since the Test net was released very early on, the main net will have all its problems fixed and functions optimized. What else to look for in this Q is that we’re gonna list ECM on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. In Q4/2022 we’ll try to form a partnership with NGOs and release Poly-run mode. The Quest system should also be available around that time, which will be another earning method for users

Coinwire Admin: So here comes the final question for Ecomove:

Q9: Where can we find out more about Ecomove? Are there any events right now we can participate in?

Ryan: If you’re interested in our project, you definitely should visit our main website: And we are currently doing a Fair Launch on Pinksale, it’s only a few hours left to join so make sure you check that out. ECM just climbed to #2 trending at the point of saying

Coinwire Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Ecomove🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Ryan: I just want to give the dearest virtual hug to this lovely community, you guys are amazing! Make sure to drop us a visit in the presale link and if you have any questions, join our socials. Peace

Coinwire Admin: E-received my brother😂You have been a great guest Ryan! It’s a pleasure having you here with the BSCDaily community. Best of luck to Ecomove and all your plans ahead. Take care man!

Ryan: Sure I will. Byeeee