ElkDEX integrates Defi.Watch for enhanced analytics

Elk is working with Defi.Watch to enhance the analytics of ElkDEX charts to show Elk farming and staking positions. Users can now view their Elk portfolio on multiple chains from one central location.

The enhanced charts will be located in the charts pages under the “Accounts” tab. After you input your wallet address, you will have access to detailed analytics of your positions in Elk Finance.

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Click on “Analaytics” from the Elk dApp menu
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Find “Accounts” tab, and then input your 0x address to see your positions

Investors can see the analytical section with position breakdown, Profit and Loss, pool fees, rewards, and charts. Elk Finance users now have access to comprehensive market data without the need to dig elsewhere to find such information. Defi.Watch currently supports 14 chain Elk farms and positions, with support to others added soon. Supported networks are Gnosis (xDAI), Polygon, Optimism, OKExChain, Moonriver, Heco, Harmony, Fuse, Fantom, Ethereum, Cronos, Binance, Avalanche, and Arbitrum.

Their teams hope that the White Label and the presented data will be helpful for all crypto investors, they can use this data to make the right investment decisions to bring greater profit. The team will have some more exciting information about partnership and integration to share soon, so stay tuned!

About DeFi Watch

DeFi Watch is a free service with detailed analytics and a portfolio tracker for investors, liquidity providers, and anyone who wants to benefit from the world of cryptocurrencies. It has market data, necessary metrics, and clear charts updated in real time.

The multichain platform allows users to monitor 15,000+ pools on 50+ decentralized exchanges with 13,000+ digital assets. DeFi Watch offers a user-friendly design and a multi-stage filtering system that ensures finding the best pool as an investment position. It makes your crypto assets work for you by showing you the best way to earn more with your unused assets.

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About Elk Finance

Elk Finance is a peer-to-peer network for cross-chain value transfers. ElkNet, its cutting-edge multi-chain protocol, makes it easy for anyone to move value and exchange cryptocurrencies across blockchains quickly and securely at a low cost.

Leverage the power of ElkNet with instant free transfers across 16 of the most popular networks. Take advantage of Elk’s native liquidity through a comprehensive financial toolkit. Deploy multi-chain native dApps with Elk’s easy-to-use developer SDK. Explore any chain, anytime, anywhere.

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Source: https://medium.com/elk-finance/elkdex-integrates-defi-watch-for-enhanced-analytics-9696d090c826

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