First Forking License Granted to Hummus Exchange

More DeFi users will be benefited from their stableswap innovations from Platypus!

Platypus has always been an advocate for DeFi advancement. They have offered up their codes to the public so that talented teams around the world with the same vision can contribute their expertise to the space. While many projects are well-intentioned, some make use of publicly available codes like theirs for unethical purposes. Due to this, they have started whitelisting projects for a fork license to preserve the integrity of the ecosystem.

Their first license to fork has been granted to Hummus Exchange, an AMM for stableswaps on the Metis blockchain. Their team successfully completed all requirements, and this agreement will enable more DeFi users on the Metis blockchain to benefit from the stableswap innovations they brought to Avalanche.

The good news for their vePTP holders is that Hummus will be setting aside 10% of their total $HUM supply for their vePTP token holders. Token delivery will be made weekly over the course of 12 months.

Hummus saw the value in Platypus’ pioneering solutions from concepts, models, and algorithms that made lower slippage, maximum capital efficiency, and scalability possible, among others. They welcome all projects out there to get on board with them in making DeFi thrive to its fullest.

They grant forking licenses to teams with promising visions. However, a license grant is not a partnership or incorporation. They have no control over the project’s treasury and management, and therefore they are not responsible for any bugs, exploits, or adverse intents of the projects.


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