Four Blockchain Games You Can Play For Free

Blockchain games have become quite popular in recent times, mostly due to their rewarding nature. But many of these games are inaccessible to players due to their high cost and complexity. Further, many blockchain games are also difficult to understand, and therefore, players lose interest soon.

We have compiled a list of blockchain games that are free and easy to play, which makes them suitable for beginners. Moreover, these games also reward the players monetarily, making them even more attractive.

Why are free-to-play games important?

Free-to-play blockchain games establish fairness in the gaming ecosystem. It helps those people enter the blockchain gaming world who cannot afford to spend much. These players can be from all walks of life, from teenagers to part-time workers or people from low-income countries. They all get the right to have some fun while also earning some money on the way.

  • Scrap Guilds 

Scrap Guilds is an easy play-to-earn, free-to-earn blockchain game. The game is very easy and suitable for beginners who are new to blockchain gaming. There are no paywalls, you can just start to play. The game lets you earn crypto through various active and passive ways.

The game is rich in the storyline and follows a post-galactic war scenario where scrap hunters and aliens rule the galaxy. Another interesting aspect is the attractive graphics in the game. The builders have surely put some effort here.

Active players can earn by playing the game, which involves collecting scraps from space and using them to upgrade the ship or sell them to other players. Passive players can buy pieces of land and earn a passive crypto income through their virtual lands. Interesting is that the game is being developed by a blockchain gaming studio, Attack Wagon. This means that more games will follow and this allows users to earn the same cryptocurrency, ATK, across multiple games.

  • Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a card trading game. However, it is a step ahead of a regular card game. It uses blockchain to secure players’ assets, i.e., cards. These cards are on the Ethereum Blockchain, which helps build trust in the game.

At first, you are dealt a set of free cards that are not live on the blockchain. You will have to win a few players versus players matches to earn Flux. You can then use the Flux earned to mint your cards on the blockchain.

The game establishes fairness and is supportive to new players. You as a player will only be matched against a player of similar rankings, unlike other games where players who have expensive tools gain unnatural advantages over others.

  • Splinterlands

Splinterlands is also a card game based on NFT, where players with the same ranks are matched for card battles. The game is based on the Hive Blockchain, where all cards exist as NFTs.

As the game is free to play, you are initially dealt a set of cards. As you win, you collect more cards and can trade these cards in the marketplace.  Alternatively, you can also buy cards and power boosters that help you win easily in the games. Also, you can level up by combining multiple cards.

  • Coin Hunt World

Coin Hunt World is an AR-based game that is similar to Pokemon Go. In this game, players are required to scavenge for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

You simply have to walk across the neighborhood based on a digital map and look for keys. You then can deposit the keys in a vault, and upon answering a question, you can collect your rewards. It is the only game on our list that rewards players with Bitcoins and ETH. However, these rewards are not that much as compared to others. It is currently only available on Google Play.


Free-to-play projects are growing in popularity due to zero fees and rewarded gaming. Further, all the games in our list are easy to play and require almost zero effort to understand. Players of any age, sex, or country can play these games and earn a suitable reward for their time. In the future, we are hopeful that such games will democratize the blockchain gaming world and accept everyone that wishes to play.

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