GameStop Just Took A Major Step For Crypto Adoption

GameStop continues to be at the forefront of mainstream crypto adoption


  • GameStop Wallet Released
  • Wallet Details With Important New Wrinkle

GameStop Wallet Released

GameStop released the beta version of their crypto wallet (GameStop Wallet) today. It is now available for download via their official website. It will act as another payment vector for users of GameStop’s upcoming NFT marketplace, which is expected to release sometime later in 2022.

The major video game retailer had previously filed a trademark for an official GameStop Wallet back in March. The retailer also had integrated with major crypto wallets like MetaMask and WalletConnect. GameStop’s many users will now be able to dip their toes into crypto with a wallet attached to a familiar mainstream name.

GameStop is famous for having survived an onslaught of shortsellers thanks to an army of “apes” – as they refer to themselves — who had bought up the stocks and send the price sky-high. Though, many apes have lost out on the trade — that is, if they sold — those who have can take solace in the fact that Melvin Capital, the firm that was shorting GameStop by more than their available shares, has shuttered its doors. 

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Wallet Details

The new GameStop Wallet functions just like MetaMask or any other wallet. Its major upgrade over any other wallet is its namebrand recognition for users. However, it does add  an important new wrinkle.

Just like through using MetaMask users, GameStop Wallet users will have the option to buy ETH directly through the wallet via services like Wyre and Ramp. Wyre and Ramp are onboarding services that bridge crypto with traditional banking. Not to mention, just like with MetaMask, users will be able to use Loopring or ETH using the same wallet address.

Though, the GameStop wallet points out something useful for users who aren’t as familiar with crypto.


For GameStop, which will be delivering many new users with a lack of crypto experience, it’s really useful to point out the savings that transacting with Loopring on layer-2 will bring. It’s a neat little feature that wallets like MetaMask should consider.

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