Gear Up For The Metagrail NFT Sale That Is Going Live Today!


We are excited to announce the MetaGrail NFT sale today! 

The sale will go live on for whitelisted participants at 14:30 UTC and then it will be open to the general public at 15:00 UTC.

The price of each MetaGrail NFT has been set at 150 BUSD for whitelisted participants. The public round will open the sale of these NFTs at a price of 199 BUSD.

A couple of weeks back, MetaGrail NFTs were launched on the Binance NFT marketplace, and within a short period of time became the topmost NFT on the marketplace. The huge response was a precursor for better things to come and now with this sale, MetaGrail is offering a chance to grab the exciting NFTs at a much lower, and fixed rate, as compared to Binance where the price tends to fluctuate. This is an opportunity to buy MetaGrail NFTs at over 50% discount on the MetaGrail website.

The MetaGrail NFTs are unique in that each MetaGrail has a unique serial number, constellation and addible social labels. The NFT also indicates the exclusive access to later token offerings. The MetaGrail holders will be granted with, not only an all-encompassing social pass, but an absolute social differentiator.

The total issuance of MetaGrail is 9,999, and the issuance is completed 9 times, 1111 each time, and it is produced on Ethereum using ERC721 standard.

The MetaGrail NFT is essentially SocialFi NFT and it will achieve many SocialFi functions. When people approve their BSC address, they will be able to see their social tags.

The MetaGrail NFT has a lot of utility inside and outside the ecosystem. It will be a vital part of the establishment of a social standard protocol alliance with the mainstream Meta universe and NFT and social Dapp ecology. It will also be used to enhance and facilitate social interactions in the metaverse – provide exclusive access to attend special events, create friendships with other NFT holders, and also hold equity in the game mining.

One of the major functions of the MetaGrail NFTs is that it will help produce Grail tokens in the future.

In the future, MetaGrail will create 3D models so that the holder can freely render MetaGrail and turn it into an animated form, which can be displayed and used in any meta-universe or VR scene.

Get ready to grab your MetaGrail NFTs today! 

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