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What Is Tron (TRX)?

Launched in 2018, TRON is one of the most prominent cryptocurrency projects in the digital ecosystem. TRON was established to create a genuinely decentralized network for users, democratizing governance, providing robust utility, and enabling low-cost transactions globally.

To this date, TRON manages to keep its blockchain low-cost and currently features a market capitalization of over $6.4 billion. It’s one of the most popular layer-1 blockchains in the Asian market, providing a host of utilities to users worldwide.

Like Ethereum and BNB chain, Tron features its popular TRC-20 token standard enabling developers to easily build applications on its platform. Moreover, TRON’s low-cost high-speed blockchain is extremely competitive and makes for a perfect choice for those looking to start cloud mining with cryptocurrency.

TRON is also environmentally friendly as it utilized a delegated proof of stake technique. While it also features a proof of work option, most cloud mining companies opt for the staking option to provide users with results, while keeping the environment clean.

Gem-TRX Is a Top-Rated TRON (TRX) Cloud Mining Service

Launched in 2018, GemTRX is one of the leading TRON cloud mining companies and service providers. Its purpose is to provide users with significant income on their investment and maximize the interests of each user, leveraging large wealth with relatively low capital.

GemTRX pursues long-term strategic partnerships with various partners to ensure an easy cloud mining experience for users, providing them with daily returns that they can withdraw from the platform in the form of TRX tokens.

GemTRX is laser-focused on TRON cloud mining, making it one of the leading cloud mining services on the blockchain. The company allows users to mine the TRX cryptocurrency with a low-cost cloud service.

While other cloud mining companies require large minimum deposits, users can deposit as little as 5TRX to start earning with the platform. While users’ earnings will be relatively low, it’s a great option for a relatively low entry cost to test out the platform.

For those interested in starting their cloud mining journey with GemTRX, you can visit the official website, register with an email, deposit TRX to either the promotional or standard accounts and start earning right away.

Why is GemTRX The Best Option in Cloud Mining?

GemTRX is known to offer its users various options of quantitative trading and DeFi technology. The platform is open for users worldwide with no restrictions. Anyone can take part in the cloud mining revolution and try their chances at becoming a Tron millionaire.

Once users create an account on the platform, the customer must allocate a certain amount of TRX in the form of a deposit to the platform. Once the deposit is confirmed, the mined TRX is automatically put into the account, making it easy for users to claim their rewards.

There are a number of various ways to earn tokens through GemTRX, the basic account is the primary way of earning. Simply deposit tokens to the account, claim your rewards every day, and initiate daily withdrawals to an address of your choice to claim the rewards in TRX.

In addition, the platform offers earnings through a promotional account used to invest in the mining cycle. There are various mining cycles on the platform ranging from seven days to over 150 days. Depending on the mining cycle the user chooses, he will receive different rewards every day. Users will receive a daily return of between 1.3-and 5% of their initial investment. The mining cycle accrues compound interest, increasing users’ earnings significantly.

Check out the chart below for a breakdown of each mining cycle and its returns:

7 days 1.3% – min 100TRX

15 days 1.6% – min 100TRX

30 days 2.5% – min 100TRX

45 days 3.0% – min 100TRX

60 days 3.5% – min 100TRX

90 days 4.0% – min 100TRX

120 days 4.5% – min 100TRX

150 days 5.0% – min 100TRX

In addition, another reason why GemTRX is one of the most underrated cloud mining platforms is due to its attractive affiliate and rebate incentives.

GemTRX’s rebate program is one of the easiest and best ways to drastically increase your income from the service. A Deposit of 10k TRX can earn users up to 1200 TRX in rebate.

A 12% rebate is one of the highest on the market when compared to other cloud mining platforms, making this option a must-try for users.

Take a look at the chart below for the various deposit rebates and incentives:

Invitation Rebate:

Invitation to a Level 1 User, following their complete registration, gives you a 30TRX incentive.

An invitation of a Level 1 User to a Level 2 User, following their complete registration, gives you a 20TRX incentive.

An invitation of a Level 2 User to a Level 3 User, following their complete registration, gives you a 10TRX incentive

Deposit Rebate:

The incentive is effectively based on the down-line deposit amount every time through the account.

Based on your down-line deposit amount per time.

User A deposits 10000TRX, you’ll get 1200TRX(12%).

User A invites user B to deposit 10000TRX, you’ll get 200TRX(2%).

User B invited user C to deposit 10000TRX, you’ll get 100TRX(1%).

(If you have 3 generations of downline in a single line you will get 15% of the deposit rebate in total and you can withdraw right away)

Trading Rebate:

This value of the incentive is potentially based if the invited individuals mine through their accounts.

Mining by the Level 1 user gives a 10% incentive to you.

Mining by the Level 2 user gives a 5% incentive to you.

Mining by the Level 3 user gives a 3% incentive to you.

Final Thoughts

According to the company, GemTRX has official certification for its operations. In addition, for those looking to make a significant income from the service, the focus should be on the down-line 12% rebate for a deposit of 10k TRX (roughly $640 at writing). The best way to make money from the platform is via its affiliate/rebate program which makes it one of the best cloud mining platforms in cryptocurrency. The most effective strategy to generate passive income is to form your own team to get rebates up to 12%. Don’t miss this chance!

Last but not least, the best way to check to see if you think GemTRX is a great fit for you is to make a small deposit and test out the platform. GemTRX accepts deposits as small as 5 TRX ($0.3).


Disclosure: This is a sponsored article by GemTRX and does not constitute trading or investment advice. Always do your research before investing in any cryptocurrency or service.

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