Here Is Why Terra Founder Do Kwon Has Been Asked To Return His Passport

After Terraform Lab’s Terra (LUNA) collapsed along with its stablecoin USTD de-pegging against the US dollar in May, the founder do kwon

information has been facing investigations for the cause of the collapse.

The South Korean investigative officers are trying their best to know the reason for the Terra network collapse. It was just yesterday, September 14 Do Kwon and five other individuals received an arrest warrant from the country’s judiciary for violating capital markets law.

Yesterday’s arrest warrant comes months after Terra ecosystem saw a downfall affecting the entire crypto market and emerged from bankruptcy.

The latest update comes with the country’s officials looking for ways to invalidate Do Kwon’s passport. As per the reports, the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs has now asked Do Kwon to return his passport. The terra

information founder and five others are currently located in Singapore.

The order to return the passport has been rolled out after the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office for Financial and Securities Crimes asked for the invalidation of all of their passports.

It’s a known fact that for any passport to get invalidated it takes at least a month and that’s the reason the officials are asking the individuals to hand over their passports before that time.

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