How Big Eyes, Binance Coin, And Bora Intend To Drive More Users To DeFi

DeFi has advanced from what it used to be some years back; numerous projects have aided its development. Thanks to them, this ecosystem encompasses several functions like lending and borrowing, blockchain-based games, staking, NFTs, e.t.c.

However, the vast nature of this ecosystem has discouraged some people from tapping into the numerous benefits it offers because they feel it’s too complicated to understand or lack enough knowledge of DeFi generally.

It’s near impossible to downplay these views because cryptocurrencies are very volatile, and ignorantly rushing into the DeFi ecosystem could lead to loss of funds because lack of adequate knowledge and information will only foster bad decisions.

Nevertheless, some crypto projects have discerned this issue and aim to simplify the DeFi ecosystem by making it easy to relate with its faculties.

In this article, we will discuss three crypto platforms that intend to make DeFi more approachable for everyone and the methods they will use.

Big Eyes (BIG): An Eth-based Crypto Project That Aims To Make DeFi More Fun Using NFTs

Big eyes (BIG) is a community token that intends to contribute to the growth of decentralized finance and also save the ocean and aquatic habitats.

The project intends to contribute to decentralized finance through the funds generated from its token BIG.

To achieve this aim, they intend to build a unique blockchain capable of self-propagating, giving it speedy growth.

 This project will also use NFTs to open the pathway for users to gain access to more content on the network.

Brief History

Big eyes, an adorable cat with really large eyes, decided to stop being cute because it portrays him as weak. But he was really smart, so he devised a plan to save aquatic wildlife. It was wise because cats need to eat, and they feed on fish and other marine animals.


Big eyes (BIG) has some very nice features that make it unique from others

  • Holders Before Anyone Else(HBAE):  Big eyes (BIG) believes in having the back of those who initially supported them. Sometimes when most project cash out, they always forget those who stood by them in the beginning; the community. That’s why Big eyes (BIG) has made the HBAE policy putting their holders first.
  • NFT Contest:  Art is an integral part of life. That’s why Big eyes (BIG) will organize an NFT contest based on taking pictures of wonderful sea creatures. This NFT project will give all who participate access to other important events on the platform.
  • Simplify DeFi:  one of the most important features of this project is the tutorials that have been designed to help simplify DeFi to the last possible step. This will not educate people but also open their eyes to the investment opportunities within their reach.

Big Eyes (BIG) Token

Big will be community-controlled tokens that will no doubt be crucial in the project’s development and will have many investment opportunities yet to be unlocked.

Big Eyes (BIG) NFT Token

The platform is moving along with the current NFT trend and intends to host an NFT project that will grant access to all other events. Aside from that, NFTs will play a vital role in the growth of this project as they will create a link or close bond between users and aquatic life.


Big tokens will have a fixed total supply of 200 billion tokens which will be divided into 4 sections. 70% of the token will be sold during the project’s public crowd sale,  while 20% will be directed towards exchange. The platform marketing wallet will get 5% of the total supply, and 5% will be donated to charity.

Big Eyes (BIG) Road Map.

All genuine crypto projects always have a roadmap or game plan, Big eyes (BIG) has a lot of milestones planned for their platform, and they have divided it into four phases. Imitating the movement of a cat, they’ve named it crouch, leap, run, and catwalk.

Phase One-Crouch

They plan to audit all tokens, launch their presale website, host a presale of tokens, perform live media stunts, launch a live PR machine, activate social media platforms, and make 15,000 telegram members.

Phase Two-Leap

In this stage, they plan to do a lot of things, and some of them are

  • Launch on uniswap
  • Launch their website
  • Have 25,000 telegram members
  • Have 20,000 token holders
  • Get verified on all social media platforms
  • Integrate swap features to the service they offer.

Phase Three-Run

Some things planned for this stage are

  • They plan to launch their first NFT and release it to the public
  • The platform will host its first NFT IRL event
  • More token holders numbering to about 50,0000
  • Campaign to create more awareness
  • Perform more media stunts
  • Make the second charity  donation 

Phase Four-Catwalk

The final stage will encompass events like

  • More focus on community events
  • Donate $ 1 million to charity
  • Add more swaps
  • Evolve NFTs

Bora (BORA): A Crypto Platform That Drives Traffic Into The DeFi Ecosystem Using Entertainment

Everyone loves good entertainment movies, games and music are instruments for relaxation. Bora (BORA) is using this medium to drive more traffic into the DeFi ecosystem

Bora (BORA) is a layer 2 blockchain Entertainment platform built on the Ethereum network. It incentivizes its users with digital content like music, games, and movies.

This platform supports Bapps (Blockchain applied applications) to assist service providers in the field of gaming, gambling, and community to deliver information at light speed and efficiently.

Bora (BORA) presents the opportunity to tackle problems such as asset loss, lack of disclosure and transparency, transaction risks, and expensive brokerage costs.

They solve these problems through enhanced scalability and expandability for commercial content application services.

BORA coin

Bora coin functions as a standard ERC-20 token and serves the purpose of trading within and outside BORA-based digital applications. It is also used as an incentive to drive traffic to the platform.


Recently Bora (BORA) launched an NFT marketplace that allows everyone to trade, receive, buy and sell NFTs to others. Earlier, they had integrated minting of NFTs into the services they offer.

Meta Toy Dragonz (MTDZ), a P2E NFT gaming platform, onboarded Bora on May 27. This collaboration will make it possible for all Gamers to build meta dragons and earn rewards in MTDZ NFTs.

Platforms That Have Partnered With Bora (BORA)

Bora (BORA) has made alliances with several mainstream companies in the Blockchain gaming industry.

Some gaming platforms that BORA has partnered with are South Korean video game publisher Kakao, Neon Games, and developer of mobile android game company ENP Games.

 It has also partnered with Blockchain companies like ClaimSwap, Coinplug, and Metadium.

Binance Smart Chain (BNB): A Centralised Crypto Platform That Hosts DeFi Projects

The Binance (BNB) platform is the largest crypto exchange in the world by trading volumes.  It is a secure, centralized platform due to an enhanced security mechanism and scalability.

 This centralized crypto platform has proved by its actions that it is in support of the DeFi ecosystem by hosting several DeFi projects on its network.

Binance Coin (BNB)

BNB, the native token of the Binance (BNB) network, is a standard BEP-20 token with EVM compatibility due to its initial use on the Ethereum (ETH) network as an ERC-20 token.

It was launched in June 2017 and released on July 17 as a utility token on the Binance (BNB) network.

DeFi Projects On Binance (BNB) Network

Some notable Defi projects hosted on the Binance (BNB) platform are

  • Pancake Swap:  It is presently one of the top decentralized exchange and swap platforms in the crypto industry. And it is also one of the first DEX to be back by Binance (BNB)
  • DEX Guru:  this decentralized platform is also one of the projects hosted on the BSC network. It is a trading platform that assists modern traders with on-chain analytics and trading capabilities.
  • KyberSwap: A DeFi platform that allows everyone to swap cryptocurrency tokens directly from their wallet in a secure, convenient, and efficient way.
  • Alpaca Finance: This is a lending protocol hosted on the BSC network. It offers leveraged yield farming, a tactic that involves combining yield farming with the ability to borrow assets and automatically reinvest the interests and trading fees for increased returns over time.
  • Slingshot: This is a decentralized web3 trading platform and liquidity aggregator built on the BSC network.

Crypto Wallet

The official wallet of the platform Trust Wallet, is a non-custodial multi-crypto wallet that is used to store, send, receive and trade cryptocurrencies along with NFTs.

This wallet ensures the security of funds through a 24-word seed phrase, biometric authentication, and pin/password.

It can also be used to access services like yield farming, browsing dApps, swap and exchange, staking, borrowing, and lending protocols.

Aside from the BSC network, the Trust wallet supports 68 blockchains and over 40 cryptocurrencies.

With all these features, we see that the BSC network is doing all it can to support the DeFi movement and even incorporating some DeFi functionalities into its ecosystem.


Big eyes (BIG) is an upcoming crypto project that aims to simplify DeFi and contribute to its growth.

 It works in unison with the big players in the industry like Bora (BORA), a crypto platform that drives traffic to DeFi space through entertainment.

We also have Binance (BNB) network; though it’s a centralized platform, it is working closely with DeFi networks contributing to its growth and the growth of the DeFi ecosystem.

It also makes use of  Trust wallet, a decentralized wallet, as its official wallet

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