How to Choose a Safe Online Crypto Casino

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According to the latest estimates, the online gambling industry is expected to be worth an astonishing £87.8 billion by 2026. And while the continual legalisation of sports betting in new states in the USA is certainly a major factor in that expected growth,there is also a growing number of online crypto casinos and poker rooms servicing the U.S and european gambling markets. 

As you would expect in the unregulated crypto-space this also means that there are some casinos that are what you might call “bad actors”. While there are many benefits to gambling with cryptocurrency, the sheer volume of choices out there leaves gamblers unsure about the safety aspect. 

As a result, picking a safe crypto casino has never been more important (or frustrating). 

With this in mind, here are a few tips on picking the right one for you:

Is it licensed? 

In an ideal world every online casino, no matter where it may be based or operating, should be fully licensed by a recognised gaming authority. This could be the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, or any other reputable regulator. 

The gaming authority that has issued the licence could be in your country, but now and then, a crypto casino may be licensed by an authority in another region. In some cases, this allows the company to operate in global markets. You’ll find the licence details in the footer of the homepage of the casino. This is a legal requirement so if it’s not there, then you can take a wild guess that the casino is unregulated. 

Now, as you may know, there are quite a few unregulated crypto casinos that are also called anonymous casinos. The advantage of these types of crypto casinos is that they allow you to place wagers without having to create an account or share any personal information. The disadvantage is that the casino does not need to follow any industry guidelines or regulations. This is far from ideal so we’d recommend sticking with licensed options. 

Does it have good customer support

A crypto casino’s approach to customer support is a good indicator of how much it values its users. So take a look at the options available. These should include an FAQ section and email address or contact form at the very least. However, a great crypto casino will offer a way to get an instant reply to your issue. This could be through a phone number to call customer support directly or a live chat feature. 

Take customer support for a test drive. Ask some questions and see how you are treated and whether or not your interaction is a positive one. Remember, this casino is going to handle your hard-earned cryptocurrency so you’ll want to be able to contact someone immediately if there’s an issue. 

Read the reviews

This is a step that a lot of people don’t take. They like the look of the casino, feel happy enough that it is licensed and has a decent welcome offer and off they go. 

But reading reviews is crucial to establishing just how a crypto casino treats its customers. You’ll want to search industry forums and perhaps even social media. Whatever you do, just make sure that they are independent reviews from actual customers and not affiliate websites. 

Pay attention to both negative and positive reviews but don’t focus too much on one bad review. Every business has some unhappy customers so you’re bound to find one or two of those. Once the negatives don’t become a common theme and the positive reviews remain in the vast majority, you should be okay. 

Shop around

Even if you feel like you have found the perfect crypto casino, do yourself a quick favour and have a look around to see what the competition is like. You may find that another casino has everything you need plus a better welcome bonus or maybe slightly more games available. Even if you end up coming back to your first choice, at least you can rest easy knowing that you had a look at what else was available. 

Whatever online crypto casino you choose, remember that it’s important to gamble safely. This means setting yourself a gambling budget that you can afford to lose and sticking to that budget no matter what. 

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