HubbleExchange Partners With Outcome Finance. This Help To Offer KPI Option To Liquidity Providers & Traders

Hubble Exchange has partnered with Outcome Finance to provide liquidity providers and traders with Key Performance Indicator (KPI) options. Outcome Finance gives DAOs tools to improve their results in the areas of financing, governance, and community incentives. Its products are powered by the Optimistic Oracle from UMA. Outcome’s tools are now available on Avalanche. Hubble Exchange is the first Avalanche exchange to use Outcome Finance’s KPI Options product.

What Are KPI Options?

KPI options are synthetic tokens that will pay out more rewards if the KPI grows to predetermined targets before the given expiry date. Every KPI option holder has an incentive to grow that KPI because their option will be worth more. This aligns individual token holder interests with the collective interests of the protocol.

Hubble Exchange initiated its vHubble incentive program earlier this week along with its launch on mainnet. 15% of these makers (LP) and trader incentives are in the form of KPI Options. These KPI options are set to vest when Hubble Exchange reaches $5B in cumulative trading volume. They can be executed in the future when Hubble Exchange achieves this milestone. By equipping Makers and Traders with these KPI options, Hubble Exchange DAO intends to align incentives amongst its community members in achieving greater trading volume. During the first month on mainnet, makers on Hubble Exchange are set to receive 0.4% of the total token supply while traders receive 0.2%

About HubbleExchange

Hubble Exchange is a decentralized platform for trading perpetual futures on Avalanche. Utilizing Avalanche’s low fees and highly scalable infrastructure, Hubble aims to offer an Avalanche-native experience for trading perpetual futures with its multi-collateral, cross-margin design.

About Outcome Finance

Outcome uses UMA’s optimistic oracle to secure a suite of DAO tools to help DAOs achieve better outcomes, including KPI options, success tokens, and the optimistic governor.





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