HyperEarn – Encouraging an Active Lifestyle through Blockchain Technology

You’ll be able to enter the latest trendy movement, “Move2Earn,” using the HyperEarn token. There are many ways to get money with HyperEarn. You may run or sleep or even watch advertising to collect rewards. 

With this quick introduction on our minds, let’s get right into the core of today’s review. We will treat HyperEarn neutrally in the article, and we urge you to do your own research before investing.

A Closer Look into HyperEarn’s Ecosystem

The HyperEarn platform relies on the cryptocurrency token HyperEarn (HYPERN). The group hopes to provide a list of advantages to all token holders shortly. 

After the IDO period, you will be able to trade tokens on the DEX and CEX. Developers that have worked on successful start-ups are part of the project’s crew. Additional information on the effort is available in the following sections.

HYPERN Token Overview

In order to summarize HyperEarn tokenomics, consider the following: 

  • 40% of the tokens will be on sale during the ongoing IDO funding round.
  • 30% of the coins will go to DEX liquidity (10%), CEX airdrop campaigns (10%), and core development activities (10%).
  • 20% of HYPERN will fund the internal staking reward system.
  • 10% of the token supply will constitute CEX liquidity (5%) and go to the team’s wallets (5%).

HYPERN IDO participants have the opportunity to utilize this new token by participating in the program. HYPERN’s first investors received the promise of many advantages from this doxxed team. 

First of all, consider that the IDO price will be 1.5 times lower than its official listing quote.  The team will end the funding round if the IDO tokens sell out before June 20. 

In the IDO, investors can bet at least 0.1 BNB on the project, with a maximum contribution of 20 BNB per wallet.

Additionally, IDO participants will not have to lock and vest their tokens. In other words, if you join the IDO, your HYPERN tokens will immediately be available.

The HYPERN project’s staking mechanism will be open to everyone acquiring HYPERN before the DEX/CEX listings. Early HyperEarn investors will also receive free NFTs from the project.

HYPERN smart-staking users can benefit from increased rewards during the IDO period. Finally, there will be a 24-hour window following the app’s release in which investors can claim a special prize. 


Walking, running, and sleeping are just a few options to earn rewards for those who use the app. To determine distance, calories, heart rate, and other metrics, the device will use GPS. 

Of course, smartwatches and other wearable gadgets will be able to facilitate the whole process of data collection.


If people stick to their sleep patterns, they can get more than the benefits of good sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep will automatically set the distribution of additional HYPERN rewards on this system.


Additionally, HYPERN’s advertisements might act as a means of collecting awards. All consumers have to do is sit down and watch these ads for a few minutes. 

Ads on HyperEarn’s platform will help the team support token buybacks and incentive distribution.

Keep Track of Your Activity

An in-app tracker requires users to manually start and stop the activity if they wish to keep track of their workouts. 

GPS, motion sensors, and a Gyroscope will help HyperEarn precisely track your activity data. HyperEarn’s post-workout statistics include the number of calories you burned and the distance you ran during a specific period. 

In addition, the dashboard will show you how much money you’ve received as a reward.

Stake Your Tokens

HYPERN is the token you will need to use in the project’s marketplace.  The system will collect a 2.5 percent fee for every transaction to fund a staking rewards pool. 

As the team clarified, all early staking pool users and stakers will receive free HyperEarn NFTs. Everyone that staked HYPERN in the current IDO round is eligible for the HyperEarn NFT airdrop. HyperEarn also offers high-APY staking pools as part of its commitment.

How Do I Join HyperEarn?

Here are some practical details you will need to know before joining HyperEarn:

  • Download the HYPERN app from the App Store or Google Play to participate in HyperEarn.
  • Complete the registration procedure by clicking “Register” on HyperEarn.io. To proceed, you must provide a valid e-mail address and a password. 
  • Connect your MetaMask or TrustWallet to the website and your established account. 
  • At the end of the registration process, you’ll receive an email notifying you that the account has been successfully created.

You can purchase NFTs with the HYPERN tokens you own. Keep this notion in your mind: you’ll need the right NFTs for your HyperEarn activities if you want to succeed. There will be a variety of available tasks, each of which corresponds to a distinct NFT. 

If you’re planning on engaging in a particular activity to earn money, you better have the necessary NFT. 

Roadmap Preview

The team has recently shared a list of milestones it plans to complete over the next quarters. Let us share more details on the matter in the subsections below.

Q2 2022

It’s now possible for early investors to get their hands on HYPERN since the IDO phase has just begun. 

The team’s second-quarter work will proceed with implementing a staking mechanism. 

Q3 2022

The coin will appear on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap in the third quarter. HYPERN will also go live on several CEX and DEX platforms. The HyperEarn app and the NFT minting phase will also enter the market by the end of the quarter.

Q4 2022

The team wants HyperEarn’s popularity on the market to rise this year. In order to achieve this result, the founders have added several critical milestones on the horizon. 

The team working on the initiative will expand, and HyperEarn will begin sponsoring significant sports organizations. Aside from that, we will also see an open beta phase with the app’s front-end re-design.

Bottom Line

HyperEarn’s core principle is clear: anchoring the concept of crypto rewarding to an active lifestyle. Investors received the first chance to evaluate the project, and we will monitor how the HYPERN IDO will evolve.


While we wait, readers can connect to HyperEarn through its social media channels or official website.

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