Hypermine – An Ultra-Profitable DeFi Algorithm

The purpose of Hypermine is to provide the Binance Smart Chain community as well as the brand-new and expanding PulseChain community with an ecosystem that is interesting, dynamic, and community-driven.

1. Welcome to Hypermine!

Powermine, Hypermine’s predecessor, was able to effectively operate on the IOST blockchain. Hypermine is going to expand on the foundation laid by Powermine. The ‘Growth DeFi’ ecosystem on Fantom, Avalanche, and Binance Smart Chain had its start with Powermine, which was the leading project in this space.

An exciting new method for exposure to cryptocurrencies will be made available by Hypermine, which will channel the spirit of Powermine on both the Binance Smart Chain and the PulseChain. This will be accomplished while Growth DeFi’s established and developed products are integrated into Hypermine’s treasury-owned assets.

Audits have been performed on each and every one of Hypermine’s contracts. Just check out the vulnerability-free security audit report that was provided by DeFiYield, a prominent smart contract auditing company that focuses on assessing the safety of projects related to decentralized finance (DeFi).

2. Introducing the HMINE token

HMINE will be Hypermine’s native coin when it launches. There will be a limit of 200,000 HMINE available at any one time. The following is the breakdown of how HMINE will be distributed:
➣ 2 times over before the start of the Sacrifice Rounds (50,000 HMINE per round)
➣ 100 x Standard Rounds after the launch (1000 HMINE per round)
➣ A Fair Launch will be held, in which the Hypermine Core Management Team will not get any HMINE tokens in advance of the main event.

● The Sacrifice Rounds will begin before the main launch, and they are referred to as the Pre-Launch Sacrifice Rounds. This will give early-stage investors with the greatest chance to purchase HMINE at the lowest price intervals, which will allow them to maximize their returns. Additionally, this will seed initial cash for the Treasury Bankroll in advance of the launch, which will serve as the foundation for investments to chase returns after the launch.

● The Sacrifice Rounds will consist of the sale of a total of 100,000  HMINE tokens, with the tokens being distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. On Binance Smart Chain is where the Sacrifice Rounds will be conducted (BSC).

The following assets, among others, may be used in the purchase of HMINE: MOR, DAI, USDC, BUSD, BNB, and SAFE.

After the conclusion of the Sacrifice Rounds, the Standard Rounds of HMINE token distribution will get under way as part of the post-launch process.


2.1. Token Prices

Sacrifice Rounds (pre-launch)

➤ The price of HMINE in Sacrifice Round 1 will be $6 USD
➤ The price of HMINE in Sacrifice Round 2 will be $6.50 USD

Standard Rounds (post-launch)

➤ After then, HMINE will be available for purchase in the Standard Round 1 at a price of $7, and the price of tokens will continue to rise by $3 in each following round according to a linear scaling scheme until they are all purchased.

2.2. Token Allocations

The following is a breakdown of how the profits made from the sale of HMINE tokens will be distributed:

◾ 2.5% to Growth DeFi ‘SAFE’ token holders
◾ 7.5% to Core Management Team (including Hypermine operational costs)
◾ 10% to HMINE token stakers as dividends: 70% as instant dividends and 30% which grows in a pool. 25% of that pool is also paid out daily to HMINE stakers.
◾ 80% to HMINE Treasury Bankroll

2.3. Hypermine – Token Distribution

HMINE will be distributed as follows:

➢ There will be two Sacrifice Rounds in which 100,000 HMINE will be issued; each round will include 50,000 HMINE. The price of each token will be $6 USD (Round 1) and $6.50 USD (Round 2).

➢ Following that, one hundred Standard Rounds will each contain 100,000 HMINE. The first 1000 HMINE will be sold at a price of $7 USD in Round 1, and after that, the price of HMINE will grow by $3 USD in each subsequent round.

100% fair launch; before the Sacrifice Rounds, the Core Management Team will get no HMINE tokens as their reward for participating. In both the Sacrifice Rounds and the Standard Rounds, the Management Team will be subject to the same requirements for the purchase of HMINE tokens as the rest of the players.

2.4. Contract address (BEP20 – Binance Smart Chain)

HMINE Token = 0xBC7A48dE21b14Ce7fccCe8b35c04B82e4c81578B

HMINE DEX = 0x1578AC75E0Ae23bFB820bEFF5E4C9Ff7dF040689 

3. The Hypermine Core Management Team

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A Core Management Team that consists of four multi-sigs will be in charge of managing Hypermine when it launches. Each signature is a seasoned professional who works in the crypto field and is a highly-respected part of the community that already exists for Growth DeFi.

Ghost: CEO (Powermine and Growth DeFi Co-creator)
Miko: Chief Marketing Lead (Powermine and Growth DeFi OG)

The Core Management Team will have assistance from a larger support pool of expertise in DeFi smart contracts, UI/UX, marketing, promotion, and communications.

4. Hypermine Operations

Treasury Bankroll: The primary purpose of Hypermine is to create a Treasury Bankroll and then see that Treasury Bankroll expand over time. This will be comprised of assets that are now owned and managed by Hypermine, and it will be pursued in primarily two ways:

➤ The sale of HMINE tokens – which can be purchased with $DAI
➤ Generating returns on investments held by the Treasury Bankroll

Treasury Bankroll Initial Funding: The primary purpose of the HMINE distribution phase is to provide initial funding for the Treasury Bankroll. It will be the duty of the Core Management Team to decide how the Treasury Bankroll will be utilized over the course of time in an effort to attempt to provide returns for HMINE holders.

The Core Management Team will be in charge of managing the multi-sig wallet, where the funds that were collected will be stored until they are needed.

The following is an initial indication of the asset allocation structure for the Treasury Bankroll:

➤ 60% of assets held in stablecoins (DAI, MOR, USDC – held in LP pairs or single asset staking) and tokenized commodities (gold (PAXG), silver, oil, including perpetual futures etc)
➤ 40% of assets held under active management and focussed on higher risk/higher potential return plays – which may include e.g. more volatile crypto assets.

The holding of yield-generating crypto assets and investments that are high risk but have the potential for exceptionally high potential returns will be the source of the most possible profit for Hypermine.

The Core Management Team retains the right to change the aforementioned ratios in order to adapt to the ever-shifting threats and opportunities presented by the market over time.

5. Hypermine Investments

Holders of the native token, HMINE, will get returns on their investments if the project is successful in its goal of creating an ever-growing basket of crypto assets with varying risk profiles, ranging from lower to greater levels. The team is working on establishing a community-owned asset pool that will have the majority of its treasury backing invested in stablecoins for the purpose of generating long-term yields and a considerable part invested in higher-risk assets for the purpose of generating exceptionally high returns.

There will be some investments made in plays with a larger potential return but also a higher risk. Others will be far lower risk investments on purpose so that the entire portfolio may be more evenly distributed throughout its components.

The purpose of the variety of the allocation is to produce a portfolio that is generally balanced and will be actively maintained. Because the team may choose to revise its holdings at some point in the future, the portfolio is subject to evolution over time.

Investment #1 – Pax Gold (PAXG: https://paxos.com/paxgold/)
Low risk: The company has a significant amount of assets in the DAI stablecoin in addition to having a stake in Pax Gold (PAXG), a digital token that is backed by actual gold.

Investment #2 – SAFUU: https://www.safuu.com/
Higher-risk: The team has also made an investment in Safuu, which is a decentralized protocol for high auto-compounding. The SafuuX blockchain, which is in the process of being developed, gives this protocol a lot of room for growth.

Investment #3 – Emp.Money (BSC)
Higher-risk: Emp.Money (BSC) is one more investment that belongs to the portfolio with greater risks. This will take place at the same time as the launch of their sister project Impulse on Pulsechain.

Investment #4 –  MOR: https://mor.growthdefi.comWe have built a well-known reputation over the years with our prior partners via our commitment to honesty and integrity in everything that we do. MOR (https://mor.growthdefi.com) is an overcollateralized stablecoin and a decentralized lending platform. It enables users to use their yield-earning collaterals as leverage for borrowing and makes use of loans that repay themselves.

Looking for a set it & forget it passive income investment?

Let’s take a look at dueling Virtual Deposit Contract (VDC) on HYPERmine.club. Deposit into the VDC’s and get daily divs of $DAI + $HNINE as divs + $xYIELD…

The costs are broken down into categories in this section (Volatile vs Compounding): 

● COMPOUND VDC fees are 11% in and 11% out, they are distributed in the following way:
➣ 8% to drip pool
➣ 1% $HMINE Bankroll
➣ 1% Burnt
➣ 1% Volatile VDC
➣ Receives $DAI daily from $HMINE staking

● VOLATILE VDC fees are 33% in and 33% out, they are distributed in the following way:
➣ 30% to drip pool
➣ 2% $HMINE Bankroll
➣ 1% Burnt
➣ Does not receive $DAI daily but does receive 1% of all $HMINE deposited into COMPOUND VDC

6. Hypermine UX/UI


The following essential functionalities will be made available to holders of HMINE tokens via the platform:

Staking Pool: Staking Pool is a service that will be provided by Hypermine. Token holders of HMINE have access to this platform, which allows them to stake their tokens in exchange for a share of the total earnings earned by the Treasury Bankroll. First-time purchases of HMINE will immediately stake the user’s account.

➧ As a disincentive to sell HMINE tokens, there will be a 20 percent unstaking penalty, of which 50 percent will be burnt promptly and the other 50 percent will be transferred to Treasury Bankroll to be kept unstaked. This penalty is intended to discourage the sale of HMINE tokens.

Swap Pool: There will be a Swap Pool accessible for use. To facilitate holders of HMINE exchanging their HMINE for $DAI, this will be filled out manually. The price of the repurchase will be equal to 60 percent of the market exchange rate.

Loans: Those who are interested in obtaining a fixed loan on their HMINE at an LTV ratio of 60% will have the opportunity to do so via the provision of loans as an alternative. The repayment term for a loan will always be thirty days, and the interest rate will be ten percent on a monthly basis (120 percent annually).

7. HMINE Holder VIP Rich List

Additionally, HMINE holders will have access to a VIP Rich List that will be managed by Hypermine. This will be a unique reward pool consisting of HMINE, and it will be staked in order to create additional bonus dividends that will then be distributed to the top holders of HMINE.

➣ There will be fifty spots available on the Rich List, each of which will go to one of the top fifty holders of HMINE.

➣ Holders of places 1-10 inclusive will be given the “Rhodium” title, and they will each earn 75% of the bonus dividend that is distributed among them. The places 11-20, inclusive, will be considered “Iridium” holders, and they will each get 25% of the total bonus dividend that will be distributed.

➣ Those who finish in places 21 through 50 inclusive will not be eligible for the additional dividend.

➣ The HMINE that is required for the Rich List will be acquired using money provided by the Core Management Team.

8. Value Proposition

The basic idea behind Hypermine is that it will function as a community-owned asset pool. This pool will have the vast majority of its holdings in stablecoins, which are assets that generate returns over the long term, but it will also have a sizable portion of its holdings that can be invested in the pursuit of extremely high returns.

As a result, the goal of Hypermine is to assemble an ever-expanding portfolio of crypto assets that have a variety of risk profiles, provide returns for holders of HMINE, and benefit from the industry’s most advanced skills and management experience.

9. Introducing xYIELD!! 

To be eligible for the grandfathering period for the revolutionary agricultural token, you must invest in one of the competing virtual currency projects (VDCs). For every HMINE you stake, you’ll get 111 xYIELD.

There will then be an announcement made on our partner sites and elsewhere about a restricted Presale of xYIELD.

After that, Fair Launch on external DEXs like Pancake and Apeswap!

This farm, called xYIELD, will be unlike any other. There will be a deposit fee that will be used to programmatically buy back and burn the yield farming token. There will be teeth in these buyback and burn procedures thanks to EBCs (exponential buyback collectors).

A further percentage of LP deposit fees will be deposited into DetonatorX, which will be used to grow its balance over time.

There will be a farm where LPs may be deposited in exchange for xYIELD, but a separate ROI contract will operate in a manner very similar to that of EMP.Money. Your detention duration for staking in the farm is up to you. Once you’ve harvested, you’ll have a great incentive to deposit your xYIELD into DetonatorX, where you might potentially earn Xtra yield. Your DetonatorX harvest will be shown as xYIELD/BNB, and you may put that amount back into the farm to begin harvesting again and again. And by using a referral scheme, you may increase your xYIELD and print in a never-ending cycle.

There will be a lot more details forthcoming.

The emphasis will be on holding for the long haul, earning passive income regularly, and ensuring long-term viability.

10. The Upcoming Steps for Hypermine

Following what seems to have been a successful start on BNB Chain, Hypermine intends to move its operations to Pulsechain over the next few months.

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The project is still in its early phases, and its developers hope that the cross-chain growth they want to implement will allow them to reach a bigger audience and bring about more publicity for their work. During this third quarter, the team also intends to make an announcement on the particular dates when the new lobby with games and prizes will be opening.

Official Link

Litepaper: https://hypermine.club/static/litepaper-en.pdfDiscord: https://discord.com/invite/UUeUsn44Telegram: https://t.me/Hypermine_club1Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hypermine_defi/Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hypermine2Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hypermine-104236915657176