IDG Capital VietNam Confirms Investment In METAIN

IDG Capital Vietnam — the leading Venture capital with a strong focus on high-quality technology startups has confirmed its investment in METAIN.

This partnership is intended to promote the growth of NFT real estate and encourage more global investors to participate in Vietnam enabled by blockchain technology.

METAIN is a blockchain-powered co-investment platform focused on real estate, with the goal of providing middle-income clients with high-yielding, transparent, and safe investment possibilities. The platform’s goal is to expand the Vietnam real estate investment industry and make it more accessible by utilizing blockchain technology to supplement, rather than replace, existing dependable techniques.

To guarantee its commitment of protecting individual investors, METAIN is following REIT regulation, partnering with high reputation firms for bank trustee service, tax and financial auditing, and legal consulting. Those globally recognized partners would be announced shortly within the next month.

IDG Capital also shows its ambition to lead the NFT Real estate trend and reveals its plan to proactively engage with global investors to attract investment into the Vietnam real estate market.

About IDG Capital

Founded in Boston in 1992, IDG Capital is a leading investment firm with US$20 billion in accumulated assets under management. Focusing on developing extraordinary companies through their expertise in private equity, venture capital and mergers & acquisitions, IDG Capital is known for its portfolio of top cryptocurrency companies including Coinbase and Circle.





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