IM Testnet Summary

Dear Degisons,

The IM testnet has ended successfully. During the testnet, over 12,000 unique addresses have experienced the new function, and they received over 500 feedbacks through questionare, email and communities. The development team has made adjustments based on valuable feedback, and the new IM function will be released tomorrow at 8:00 AM UTC. They would like to thank every active member in the Degis community, and your support is always crucial to the Degis Team.

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In the public announcement of IM Testnet, they set the requirements for NFT lucky draws: complete all tasks while holding more than 10,000 veDEG on mainnet. Now, they’re pleased to announce that they got 4 winners who performed perfectly:





For the above users, they’ve decided to send Degis NFT airdrop as a reward for their wonderful performance in testnet.

Special task for IM Testnet participants

Congratulations to those 4 winners! However, they understand that users may not be aware of and get familiar with the veDEG mechanism. So they’ve decided to open a special task for users who participated in IM testnet to finish all requirements and get rewards:

From 8:00 AM UTC May 31st, everyone can stake DEG to earn veDEG. After 5 days (120 hours), they will take a snapshot of user’s veDEG status and make a list of users who hold 10,000 veDEG on mainnet. They will make a lucky draw in this list and grant the winners with whitelist.

For users who didn’t notice the veDEG requirement, this is a new chance to obtain whitelist, so get familiar with Degis mechanisms and participate in this special task! They’re waiting for you.

If you want to learn more about veDEG, please refer to this article:

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About credential claiming

For users who have finished all operating tasks of IM Testnet, you can claim your credential on @ProjectGalaxy:

For tasks, please refer to:

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Again, thanks to everyone who participated in the IM testnet. Degis is supported by your love and attention, and they will do better to reward every loyal user.

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