Immutable X (IMX) Staking is Now Live – Is it Worth It?

Immutable X staking of IMX tokens starts July 1, 2022. Is it worth it, and what are the requirements? Copperpitch breaks it down in this video:

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IMX Staking Requirements:

  • Hold 10 $IMX in wallet
  • Lowest amount during the month is what is counted
  • Must make 1 trade per period (month)

Staking is dependent on how many sales are made during the month. 20% of the 2% protocol fee goes to the staking pool.

Some of the games or projects involved include Illuvium land sales, Gods Unchained cards, Hro, Project Kyzen 7 Character Reveals, Guild of Guardians heroes, and more.

There will be exclusive drops/rewards for stakers from IMX projects, as well as potential increases in the fee percentage allocated to stakers. Long term staking streaks may also be rewarded. This all comes from non-inflationary staking.